SPORTS: Libby works to improve softball program

SPORTS: Libby works to improve softball program

By Katherine Aleman
Bridge contributing writer

Published Tuesday, May 17, 2022

With 13 years at TAMIU, softball coach Scott Libby continues to create an influence on his players and the field.

Before Libby became the Texas A&M International University coach, he worked at William Howard Taft High School in San Antonio as an English teacher and softball coach.

softball coach Scott Libby portrait
Courtesy TAMIU Sports Information
Coach Scott Libby, TAMIU softball

When Libby began working at TAMIU in 2008, the softball team was fairly new to the University. Over the past few years, Libby guided the softball team and learned from those challenges.

During his first season in 2009, he underwent an easy transition since he was familiar with the players. However, compared to high school softball, college softball was a different routine. High school teams play about two games a week; whereas, college teams play about six games per week.

“I’ll never forget,” Libby said. “I was driving to my apartment after the games feeling good. Feeling very good after the two wins and then suddenly it occurred to me. ‘Wait a minute, we got to do this again tomorrow.’”

Libby adapted to the new routines and helped TAMIU softball garner recognition and continue to achieve, despite the challenges he encountered.

The team plays in the Lone Star Conference and worked toward the top-10 rankings during the Spring 2022 season.

Unfortunately, two players were out this season due to illness and an injury, but that did not discourage the coach.

“Those were two pitchers we lost very early in the season,” Libby said. “So, it’s been challenging. Every year is a challenge, but this year we have faced a couple of different challenges we haven’t had in the past–with a couple of devastating injuries.”

Libby’s work ethic made an impression on the rest of his coaching staff.

“The past five to 10 years, TAMIU has become successful in winning games because of our coach and players,” assistant coach Estevan Vasquez said. “So now that he has brought a name for himself, he’s getting calls from others wanting to come to TAMIU, not only to play softball, but also for the education that TAMIU offers.”


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