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The Bridge independent student newspaper is part of the student academic work of Texas A&M International University in Laredo. Articles, stories and interviews herein are the solely written expression of the students and do not reflect the core institutional values of Texas A&M International University.

As a student media outlet, The Bridge independent student newspaper is more than just a newspaper. We offer news coverage in digital formats as well, via our website and social media accounts.

Our mission statement: To serve our readers (the students, faculty, staff and administration of Texas A&M International University) to the best of our ability through ethical and accurate written and visual communication across numerous platforms by providing a variety of news coverage of campus events and issues, as well as features and sports coverage, plus
opinion/editorial articles. This is an academic organization and, as such, lends itself to real-world practical experience for our student staff so they can learn the techniques, skills, creativity, ethics, laws and impacts that affect journalism and journalists—thus preparing them for a possible career in news media.

Interested persons may share their stories and photos with thebridgenews.tamiu@gmail.com or to thomas.brown at tamiu.edu

To inquire about print and/or online advertising rates, please contact Dr. Arthur Soto-Vasquez: arthur.soto-vasquez at tamiu.edu

To engage in our social media:

  • Instagram: @tamiu.bridgenews
  • Twitter: @thebridgetamiu
  • Spotify: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thebridgenews-dustyspod
  • Facebook: @thebridgestudentnews
  • ISSUU: thebridgenews

Current staff of The Bridge, as of April 9, 2024:

  • Juan Carlos Puente, Editor-in-chief
  • Marissa Contreras, Managing Editor and Social Media Manager
  • Ana Vara and Destiny Sanchez, Assistant Editors
  • Cris Cordova, Director of Photography
  • Dora Guerrero, Assistant Social Media Manager
  • Vicente Mendoza, Sports Editor
  • Illustrator: Mia Moran-Lindauer
  • Staff Writers: Alexia Aleman, Matteo Fernandez, Asher Vallone, Kathy Salinas, Alyssa Medina
  • Staff Photographers: Esteban Mendiola, Carlos Andres Mounetou, Cris Rios, Kathy Salinas, Thea Rassell
  • Staff Podcasters: Marissa Contreras, Alexia Aleman
  • T. Rob Brown, Lead Faculty Adviser
  • Analee Paz, Faculty Design Adviser
  • Dr. Arthur D. Soto-Vásquez, Faculty Advertising and Social Media Adviser
  • Dr. José Carlos Lozano, Psychology and Communication Department Chair
  • Bridge Advisory Committee: Brown, Lozano, Paz, Soto-Vásquez and Dr. Ariadne Gonzalez
  • Former editors of The Bridge (Fall 2017 or later): Matthew Balderas, David Gomez Jr., Neto Gonzalez, Kenneth Jones, Matilda Perez, Rebekah Rodriguez, Jose Ramos
  • Other former yet recent staff members (Fall 2017 or later): Gabriela Chapa, Tomas Cruz, Cecelia A. Jimenez, Joel De La Rosa, Shelley Rodriguez, Allan Rodriguez, Itzel Luna, Gabriel Rodriguez, Vanessa Vallarta, Danny Zaragoza, Jose Alvarado, Gerardo Martinez, Carolina Martinez, Michael Hernandez, Laura Irizarry, Iran Rodriguez, Dalila Flores, Yensey Murillo, Ramiro Carrera, Ricardo Castillon, Maria Selgado, Lynn Yang, Melva Villarreal, Erika Villa, Jessica Rodriguez, Angela K. Carranza, David J. Garcia, Erick Barrientos, Gabriel Arrendondo, Steven Martinez, Reuben Rodriguez, James Loya, Brittany Stubblefield-Engram, Niurka Rocha, Nayelle Acosta, Pedro Guzman, Alejandro Hernandez, Brandon Cienfuegos, Chris Perez, Jhoanna Angeles, Juan Reyes, Samantha Gonzalez, Gabrielle Prather, Leonard Gonzalez, Mario Lopez, Elis Reyes-Sanchez, Carolina Cruz, Phoebe Chavez, Yulissa Diaz, David Peralta, Glenys Maldonado, Alejandro Carbajal, Gabriel Rodriguez, Joy Davis, Melissa Garza-Rodriguez, Mireilly Gonzalez, Karla de Leon, Marco Villarreal, Carina Galvan, Cesar Oldham, Gaby Herrera, Elizabeth Kennedy, Emmanuel Reyes Corona, Rosalinda Puentes, Graciela Gomez-Salinas, Miriam Salinas, Andrew Elizondo, Jorge Espinoza, Tiffany Luna.
  • Former members inducted into The Bridge Hall of Fame: Matthew Balderas (2020), Jessica Rodriguez (2021), David Gomez Jr. (2023), Danny Zaragoza (2023).
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