Road to Success

By Daniela Ortiz

The Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) introduces a roadmap to student success through their TAMIU Trailblazers Program, where only registered students have access to the program.


The TAMIU Trailblazers program is a co-curricular leadership initiative, which strives to assist students in gaining success by experience and preparation for their future endeavors.

The program is made up of five different learning dimensions which consists of: Career Development, Civic Leadership, Global Perspective, Health & Wellness, and Personal Enrichment.


Each dimension focuses on different aspects of student experiences which are important for overall success, not only within the University but also for future accomplishments.


To complete a dimension students must participate in a variety of suggested activities.

The activities for each dimension are divided into three stages of engagement.


The different levels of engagement are divided into the Entering Stage, Engagement Stage and Leadership Stage which all require a specific amount of completion tasks.  


The Entering stage requires a completion of three participation tasks. The Engagement stage requires a completion of two tasks and the Leadership stage only requires one.


There are some participation tasks within the dimensions that are repeated. This is because that the specific item or task is relatable throughout the dimensions.


An advantage in completing a repeated task is that it gives the student an opportunity to receive credit across all the dimensions it is valid for.


Students can keep track of their progress in completing each dimension through the CollegiateLink website. Here they can also observe their campus and community involvement.


There is no deadline for students to complete their TAMIU Trailblazers. During their Undergraduate, students can go at their own pace while completing each dimension.


A student earns a patch for every TAMIU Trailblazer dimension they successfully complete. Upon graduation, students wear their patches with pride on their graduation sash.


Those students who are successfully in completing all five dimensions of the TAMIU Trailblazers will be recognized during their graduation from TAMIU for their achievement.   


The benefits to completing the TAMIU Trailblazers are endless. This program is a road to student success and can help prepare you for a better future.


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