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TAMIU Eyes Tuition Hike

By Selena Infante   For many students, college is not only a necessity but also a luxury, one which many are not able to afford. Universities across the country have been criticized for increasing tuition prices and Texas A&M International University is no exception. Current talks on increasing tuition for the 2017-2018 cycle have created controversy among students. (more…)
Civil Affairs

City council allows ridesharing in Laredo

By Kenia Zarate On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, City Council of Laredo agreed on allowing ridesharing company Lyft to be a part of the city. Taxicab companies however, are not thrilled about the final decision. They believe that the new ridesharing business will hurt their business. Meanwhile the residents of Laredo think otherwise as they complain about the taxi’s services not being as efficient. (more…)

Caffeine: good or bad for students?

By Karina Zarate Caffeine is a substance that is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, cola drinks, and certain medicines. It causes several effects on the human body’s metabolism, including stimulation of the central nervous system.   Caffeine has the capacity to make a person feel more alert and increase energy. But even though college students have easy access to caffeine, is it beneficial or does it bring more harm to them upon consumption? (more…)

This is the end

By Carlos Leon Many religions tend to break down into various smaller denominations, especially the Christian religion. There is one specific religion in particular based on Christian beliefs called the Church of the End of Times (Iglesia del Fin del Tiempo or IFT is the name and acronym in Spanish). This church has a unique prescience throughout most of Latin America (more…)
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Road to Success

By Daniela Ortiz The Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) introduces a roadmap to student success through their TAMIU Trailblazers Program, where only registered students have access to the program.   The TAMIU Trailblazers program is a co-curricular leadership initiative, which strives to assist students in gaining success by experience and preparation for their future endeavors. (more…)
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Rompiendo barreras

Por Elizabeth Villarreal   José L. Moreno III es actualmente El director del programa Title V Focus on Student Success (FOSS) en Texas A&M International University (TAMIU). (more…)
Life & Arts

Shakespeare in the Courts

By Kassandra de Hoyos Shakespeare & Company is a theater company based in Lenox, Massachusetts.  For the past seventeen years, the company has run a program called Shakespeare in the Courts.   (more…)
On Campus

Tales of the procrastinating college student

By Lydia Dean Procrastination goes hand in hand with the college experience just as much as exploring new territories. Thousands of college students around the United States are given an assignment ahead of time but will wait until the last weekend before the due date. This habit will continue until their time of graduation. Regarding the constant behavior, why do college students continue to procrastinate despite knowing the hardships and stress it will bring them? (more…)

The Underrated City

By Alexis Garza Laredo: the city is considered the least diverse to some, but is also considered as the city that grew from a villa to the largest inland port on the united States-Mexican border. (more…)
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