The Underrated City

By Alexis Garza

Laredo: the city is considered the least diverse to some, but is also considered as the city that grew from a villa to the largest inland port on the united States-Mexican border.

The culture is unique enough that it belongs to a sensitive civilization where a Laredo citizen can truly express themselves by saying, “It’s a Laredo thing.” While many people claim and name Laredo as their home, others call it a “pit stop.”



Over the years, both the city and its citizens have changed their views and styles to reflect and understand its own philosophies.



Throughout the years, Laredo has demonstrated and proved its very own upcoming as a city that is on the horizon of breaching popularity, attention, and awareness nationwide. As an added bonus, the city brings more attention through its local university that is ranked along with other prestigious schools.



According to The Economist, Texas A&M International University is ranked number nine in alumni earnings which is without a doubt, a great expectation for others to follow.



One flaw that people tend to notice about the city is the amount of great minds that leave the city after being raised in Laredo throughout most of their lives.



This leaves the rest of the individuals to regulate around the city to develop another local bar or restaurant for others to enjoy.



Despite Laredo’s shortcomings, development in Laredo shows an increase in non-Hispanic ethnicities.



According to the Statistical Atlas, Laredo has had a prominent increase in White, African American, Asian, and other ethnicities over the most recent years.



The cause of this growth has been influenced by the increased popularity of the local university, and the increasing number job positions provided by local law enforcement agencies.



Another factor to include the recent growth in diversity is the increase of students from out of town joining the Laredo Independent School District or United Independent School District.



One individual by the name of Emilio Rincon was born in a small town called Graham, Texas where the majority of the population is around 95% white. Rincon mentions that he has grown to love the city of Laredo and for what it has provided for him and his family.



Above all, he also mentions that he is surprised to see the amount of culture and traditions that Laredo has demonstrated throughout the years and the thriving knowledge and experience he has gained from living here.



The city of Laredo is no longer just a single border town, but a thriving and growing city of new beginnings.


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