TAMIU Eyes Tuition Hike

By Selena Infante


For many students, college is not only a necessity but also a luxury, one which many are not able to afford. Universities across the country have been criticized for increasing tuition prices and Texas A&M International University is no exception. Current talks on increasing tuition for the 2017-2018 cycle have created controversy among students.


A raise in tuition due to the construction of the engineering building hasn’t been the first occurrence at the University; four years ago TAMIU’s raise in tuition took place in the name of expanding the University’s student center. Current senior alumni like Carla Sanchez remember the conflicts that this brought onto her as a freshman.



“For many a raise in tuition of $150-200 isn’t too much but for people like me that depend on financial aid and scholarships to make it through and who have a budget for the semester cannot just randomly take out $200 out of their pocket.” Sanchez said. “I had to borrow the money from my parents but what about those students whose parents are not able to afford it?”


Similarly, Maria Cardenas who is currently a senior at TAMIU’s business school hopes the increase on tuition will not go through, Cardenas has had to work two jobs to cover her college expenses. “School has always been my priority but I’ve also got a life and expenses back home, school is a priority but food and shelter are a necessity.”


She states she can cover her house and school expenses but the physical and mental strain working and studying requires is affecting her grades. “I’m always tired and sometimes it’s either you sleep or you do your homework, sometimes sleep wins”, she stated. “ I really don’t want another student to make the sacrifices I’ve made, college is hard but it shouldn’t be a struggle for survival, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get an education we’re just trying to make a better community.”
An official statement from the University hasn’t been released yet, but students are on the lookout for any decision and statements released using social media like Facebook to keep each other informed.


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