City council allows ridesharing in Laredo

By Kenia Zarate

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, City Council of Laredo agreed on allowing ridesharing company Lyft to be a part of the city.

Taxicab companies however, are not thrilled about the final decision. They believe that the new ridesharing business will hurt their business. Meanwhile the residents of Laredo think otherwise as they complain about the taxi’s services not being as efficient.

Lyft has been offering their services around other cities in the U.S. and customers seem to enjoy the satisfaction of having a safe ride home that is fast and affordable to them.

As mentioned on the Laredo News Channel, April Mims, senior public policy manager for Lyft, assures that “the company conducts background checks with its drivers through a private firm and every ride is insured”.

The ridesharing company has no regulations therefore, city council decided to take away all regulations from taxicab companies to make it fair.

Recently, Lyft has started their Instagram page on Instagram as “lyftinlaredo” to begin networking around the city.

They are currently offering a code on their page for anyone who downloads the Lyft app and is interested on getting five dollars off on their first ride.

Lyft will also be a great job opportunity for those seeking for a part time job, especially for those who need to set their own schedule or get some extra pay.

Taxi companies may not agree with the new ridesharing company joining the city but it is a commodity that many people will find very useful.


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