FEATURES: CAB hosts Barbie-themed barbecue

FEATURES: CAB hosts Barbie-themed barbecue

By Ana Vara
Bridge Staff Podcaster
Published Thursday, April 4, 2024

Spirit Week continued with the two-hour-long Barbie-Q on Feb. 8 in front of the Kinesiology and Convocation Building Green. It offered food, games and music to students who attended and gave them an opportunity to let loose and have some fun before the basketball games between the Dustdevils and the Lions of the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

Students line up for food at the Barbie-Q
Cris Rios | Bridge
Students gather food during the Barbie-Q event on Feb. 8 on campus.
Barbie-Q and TAFE.
Cris Rios | Bridge
Students look at the TAFE club booth during the Barbie-Q event on Feb. 8 on campus.

“[It’s a week] for students to showcase their spirit” and “to grow affinity for the University and to support our athletics team as well,” SOLE Assistant Director Abigail Fernandez said.

Fernadez said Spirit Week’s Barbie-Q was an event designed to increase engagement but also to promote attendance at the basketball game afterward.

Elena Cano from the Campus Activities Board was in charge of the biggest events for Spirit Week, including Barbie-Q.

Barbie-Q event and The Rivergull Journal.
Cris Rios | Bridge
The staff of “The Rivergull Journal” pose for a group photo at their booth during the Barbie-Q event on Feb. 8 on campus.

“Events like this allow students to come together and attend something they maybe wouldn’t attend often,” Cano said. “They get to join in on the fun, meet new people and enjoy some relaxation before midterms start.”

The Barbie-Q also allowed students to learn about student organizations. Student organizations showed off varying degrees of Barbie decor on their tables. At the center, many tables were set up for students to sit and partake of the drinks, hot dogs and nachos provided by CAB. Students also got to enjoy the Barbie-themed soundtrack, including all the hits from the movie including Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night and Charli XCX’s Speed Drive.

Students also displayed spirit through T-shirts and Barbie-themed outfits. Most of the students participated by donning Barbie-wear.

The student organizations lauded different kinds of games, from Plinko to Barbie Dress-Up and an adequately themed basketball toss. These games and their coordinating booths were judged by three judges, providing the clubs an opportunity to win first, second and third earning $100, $50 and $50 respectively.

Barbie-Q students posing
Cris Rios | Bridge
Unidentified students pose for a photo during the Barbie-Q event on Feb. 8 on campus.

“We want students to be here to have some fun,” Fernandez said, “for them to get to see all the organizations we have on campus.”

She also said the basketball games are free to students, providing even more of an incentive for everyone to attend. Fernandez said the KCB regularly hosts staff and faculty nights so other members of the TAMIU community may feel inspired to attend.

“I see many organizations that were into it,” Fernandez said. “They have really come out and shown their creativity. Hopefully, it keeps growing on!”


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