SPORTS: TAMIU Call of Duty esports claims first victory

SPORTS: TAMIU Call of Duty esports claims first victory

By Juan Carlos Puente
Social Media Manager
Published Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023

TAMIU’s Call of Duty esports team unlocked an achievement by claiming its first victory of the semester, 3-0 against Carolina University.

On Sept. 13, the Texas A&M International University Call of Duty esports varsity team faced off against Carolina University in a resounding victory for TAMIU, marking the first game of the fall semester.

Esports player Eric Rodriguez practices Call of Duty.
Juan Carlos Puente | Bridge
Esports player Eric Rodriguez, who goes by the online name Iso, practices on Sept. 22.

Streamed on Twitch, the team competed in game modes such as hardpoint, search and destroy, and control, with each win in a game mode earning them a point. The team secured consecutive wins, concluding with a commanding 3-0 score. With some challenging matches, members relied on quick thinking, strong teamwork and extensive practice to secure victory.

Team captain and primary submachine gun, also called SMG, player Eric “Iso” Rodriguez emphasized the significance of practice, focusing on adaptability and learning through scrimmages, also called scrims, which are practice matches between different schools.

“You don’t want to simply practice aimlessly,” Rodriguez said. “You want to derive lessons from it and explore alternative strategies.”

He emphasized that each member must approach every practice with the same seriousness as an official game.

Similarly, standout-player Angel Galvan, also known as “Lotus,” who serves as the main AR player, garnered attention and fan admiration for his exceptional skills during the matches. Galvan’s gameplay was so outstanding that the Twitch chat affectionately dubbed him “Wotus” in reference to his numerous wins and kills.

“It’s reminiscent of what professional players often discuss,” Galvan said of the accolades. “It gave me the vision that I could pursue this as a career, and it’s heartwarming to receive such widespread support.”

With a successful start for the semester, all eyes should be on TAMIU Call of Duty esports. Members compete every Wednesday and can be viewed on the TAMIUesports Twitch channel. Interested persons may find further updates on the team, links to the Discord server and Twitch channel on the TAMIU Recreational Sports website. Additionally, the team can be followed on Instagram at txamiu_recsports and on Facebook at TAMIU Rec Sports.


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