CAMPUS: Earth Day Festival brings in donations

CAMPUS: Earth Day Festival brings in donations

By Alejandro Garcia IV
Bridge contributing writer
Published Monday, May 16, 2022

Thousands of dollars in resources and goods were donated to TAMIU’s Environmental Health and Safety Department for this year’s Earth Day Festival.

Earth Day decor
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Student-created leaf pledges show students’ desire to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 at TAMIU.

Schneider Electric donated more than $2,500 in materials, such as the bicycle repair station, gardening supplies, stickers, T-shirts, reusable tote bags with goodies and more. The Environmental Health and Safety Department unveiled the new bicycle repair station to promote bicycling and energy conservation. The new bicycle repair station is located near the Recreational Center.

This year, the Kingsville Citrus Center donated three ruby red grapefruit trees and three Valencia orange trees for TAMIU’s Earth Day event. Additionally, TAMIU’s Student Government Association donated a Mexican olive tree. Most were planted in TAMIU’s Community Garden by students and staff.

“In Texas, only eight universities are [bicycle] friendly,” Environmental Health and Safety Officer Jessica Perez said. “Texas A&M in College Station is recognized as the only [bicycle-]friendly university in the A&M brand, and now TAMIU is the second to join the movement.”

Students speak about future events for Earth Day
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Lucy Macias, center, and Miriam Jimenez, right, speak about future events for the Earth Day Festival on April 22 at TAMIU.

Students earned community hours and resources for their contributions in the Community Garden. During the Earth Day Festival, students played games, received goody tote bags, won environmental prizes, ate free food, received educational material and other free gifts.

“I wanted to also thank the volunteers [who] assisted at the Community Garden Beautification Event,” Perez said. “They didn’t donate monetarily, but they donated their personal time, which does not go unnoticed–and is greatly appreciated.”

Students create Earth Day decor
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Students, from left, Miranda Galvan, Giselle Figueroa and Melanie Mastin pledge to be green to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 at TAMIU.

Shovels, gloves, water and more were distributed to students and staff who worked together to plant and nurture new and existing vegetation in the garden.

“Planting trees that provide fruit can really knock you out,” administrative associate Eva Sanchez said, “but the fruit from the trees will be donated to Bethany House Homeless Shelter and the Dusty Pantry, so it’s a great cause.”

bicycle repair
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
A new bicycle repair station awaits its announcement at TAMIU in celebration of Earth Day April 22.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Juan J. Castillo donated bicycle locks to the Environmental Health and Safety Department, which are free for students to use for bicycle security.

The Coca-Cola Company donated 13 large cases of water for the event and the plastic bottles were recycled as well.


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