A New Way of Living

By Jonathan Ramos

Despite the fact that millennials are living at home with their parents longer than previous generations, they are choosing to follow their passions instead of hunkering down to find a traditional job with decent 401k plan, and also infiltrating the minds of traditional thinkers with the use of political correctness.  The infamous millennials have found a new way to piss off older generations.  They have revamped the idea of commune or community living and flipped it on its head.

A current trend for this generation is to reduce the amount of meaningless tasks in their daily routine.   Uber and other transportation network companies have reduced the desire to purchase a new vehicle, which you would have to maintain, pay monthly payments on, and worst of all, have to find parking for.


Amazon could possibly remove the need for ever having to leave your dwelling with its convenient ability to bring any and everything you could ever need directly to your door.  These services are all well and good, bur how will millenials solve the problem of doing the ordinary things that parents still do for them, like buying furniture, paying the utility bills, cooking, and cleaning?
Well, similarly Uber and Amazon, a new company has found a way to make menial tasks in the overwhelmingly complicated lives of millennials obsolete.  A new company by the name of WE LIVE has been making a waves in modern news.  The WE operation has revolutionized the idea of community living.  Community living first came about during the 1860’s, but was spearheaded by hippie counter culture during the 1970’s.  The basic idea is for a group of people to come together in a small community where every member contributes in some way to overall prosperity of the group.


Currently, The WE Company has established 2 WE LIVE residences in New York City (NYC) and Washington, D.C. (DC).  Their prices range from $1,200 in DC to $1,900 in NYC, which is on par with the current apartment prices in both cities.  WE  LIVE apartment complexes offer fully furnished residences with modern designs that provide access to game areas, cooking and fitness classes, as well as a fully stocked community snack area that provides an assortment of snacks, refreshments, and fully cooked meals.
The WE LIVE organization offers a hassle-free, fun environment for young renters.  With the current real estate prices in the NYC and DC starting around half a million dollars, most young people have been priced out of the market.  Having an affordable and convenient option for accomodation comes as a breath of fresh air.  This concept of community living has actually become a worldwide trend.  Cities in Europe have been experimenting with community living for a few decades, and South Korea has announced plans to build a city that takes a similar approach to their design.


Songdo City, Korea has broken ground on a large scale version of a commune.  This city is designed to be as energy and environmentally efficient as possible.  The entire city of Songdo is being built from the ground up to facilitate transport.  The city will be built around the airport to encourage and lower the cost of air travel.  It will also provide city-wide access to the world’s largest subway system, and, best of all, provide ultra-fast WI-FI to its passengers.  The main objective communes are striving to attain is the creation of a Utopian society, in which residents can live happily and healthily.  Companies like WE LIVE are a step in the right direction towards building a closer knit community.  That’s something everybody could get behind.


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