Is Texas Fever Spreading?

By Fernando Meza

Texas has always been a state of huge proportions in many ways. Whether speaking statistically in in reference to population increase and economic growth or down to the most current unarguable facts that Texas has the second largest surface area in the United States, it is impossible to ignore that Texas is growing more than ever.

According to the United States Census as of July 1, 2014, Texas is the second most populated state in America with a population size of 26,956,958. California is the most populated with 38,802,500. So far the facts state that Texas is second place in size AND population. But the numbers do not show it being second for long in population and/or economic growth. From 2011 to early 2016 Forbes stated that Austin has one of the fastest economic growth rates, being ranked at number one on its Top 10 list of “America’s Fastest-Growing Cities”; Dallas being 2nd, Houston in 4th, and San Antonio in 9th. The U.S. Census also stated that Houston is also the 4th most populated city, being followed by San Antonio in 7th.

The only state that made us Texans feel like a small ranch is one of the youngest states, Alaska! With its total surface area of land and water, it is roughly about 663,267 square miles. Alaska sure would make any other state seem small with such a vast size difference, being that Texas is only roughly 268,580 squared miles; yet with another huge gap 3rd comes California, with roughly about 163,695 square miles. InternetPublicLibrary.org stated from 1980 to 2010 the Population Density of California had roughly around 239.1 people per square mile of land area as opposed to Texas only having around 96.3.

Still, what I’m getting at is that “The Lone Star State” has more opportunities to expand than its main competitors like California or New York. It is only going to keep on growing and moving up the charts as it already has in American culture and the people that inhabit this great country.


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