Startup Casual Is The New Professional Norm

By Araceli Jimenez

It used to be unprofessional and offensive if people showed up to work, class, or interviews looking like they just got out of bed. Nowadays, things have done a complete 180 and startup casual is the new trend. According to Online Career Tips, the new ultra hip startup companies have taken the trend and made it into a working class norm.

Startup casual is basically the new work environment dress code. Instead of having casual Friday prepping you for the weekend, why not all week? Startup casual should reflect the office vibe and is basically less formal than business attire. Instead of wearing uncomfortable suits and ties; people can now comfortably wear outfits that are considered ‘work appropriate’. Limits are always in place; for example, dark jeans instead of ripped jeans, nothing vulgar, and preferably comfort above all.

The new trend hasn’t just stuck to the workplace but college students are following the new norm. The Legally Blonde era is over and now it’s all about huge Ralph Lauren T-shirts and micro mini jean shorts with sandals. Professors have to teach the dress-from-bed generation and frankly students don’t mind being called out for it.

According to student, Yazmin Garza, “Class isn’t a professional environment. At least not to me. A meeting? Yes. An office? Yes. Not class, not to walk the hallways at school.”

When asked what she wore to class on a daily basis, she replied “Jeans and t-shirt, mostly. Other days I wear workout clothes, even though I don’t work out.”

Texas A&M International University, hosts 3,000+ students and staff. Startup casual has really taken off here because of today’s life style. Everyone is always going from one place to another and prefer a good night’s sleep than waking up two hours in advance.

Other colleges like the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University have made certain dress-from-bed clothes into college uniforms. Blazers, button-down shirts, and slacks are a thing of the past.

Although dressing up was the key to impress future superiors, experience and education have now taken front row seat to influence employers.

Student Stephanie Hernandez best summed it by stating, “I feel like I can be more professional than someone in a suit and tie, and I can wear shorts while doing it.”


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