Eternal Youth, Designer Babies, and an End to all Disease

By Andres Arizpe

Imagine a world where people do not grow old, do not get sick, and are as beautiful as they are smart. Today, the future of genetic engineering looks promising because it may hold the answers to humanity’s long battle against disease and old age. Genetic engineering might also have the key to healing some of our own judgmental superficial tendencies by creating, beautiful, strong, and intelligent genetically enhanced babies. What genetic engineering might have at hand in the next century, is the utopia that humanity has always strive towards, and deserves.

The latest in genetic engineering consists of using a medical procedure called Crispr; an archive that holds DNA, and a protein called cas9. The manipulation of cas9 works by injecting DNA that cas9 will now be able to target, eliminate, or replace the previously incorrect DNA. These medical advancement create the ability to edit the immune system cells to make them better at searching for specific cells, such as cancer cells. These medical advancements hold the key to developing the cure that will finally end cancer.


In a test in 2015 scientists using the Crispr medical procedure were successful on getting rid of cells that were previously infected with HIV. Then a bigger experiment was done on multiple rats that were infected with HIV, and again scientists were successful in clearing more than fifty percent of the infected cells. What the future holds is the ability to cure all diseases with the simple use Crispr therapy.
Now what is initially engaging about of genetic engineering are the solutions that it may be able to provide. Though with the acceptance of these medical procedures in our society, will eventually lead to the department of it form the medical field, and turn it into a field of vanity. If doctors can make your children immune to cancer, or a STD, why not also give them bigger muscles, higher intellect, and blue eyes. There is also DNA directly linked with aging, and with the control of such DNA we might be able to slow or even halt aging. The possibilities of genetic engineering are endless, yet this is where it starts to get the most concerning.


Finally, without getting into the hypothetical social controversies, let us consider that genetic engineering has to be done above all responsibly. While we may not know what the negative effects of genetic manipulation might be, we have to make sure to tread gently in these unexplored lands.

In brief, genetic engineering might be what will finally bring an end to cancer. It may also provide us with smarter, more beautiful people that live longer lives. Though this promising medical advancement is still very far away, and we have to consider that it may also come crashing down when faced realistically.


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