Connected by the Network

By Marcela E. Garcia

If you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student at Texas A&M International University, you probably had to attend orientation. During this daylong orientation, they informed you on various things such as financial aid, health services, study abroad programs, Green Dot, and other information you may or may not have already forgotten. Something that you may have not been made aware of during orientation is the TAMIU Student Network Page on Facebook.


With more than eight thousand members, the network is definitely a page for all TAMIU students to join. What’s in this network?
For the most part, members are usually selling or looking for textbooks.  This is great for students to get some of the money they spent back, and for others to save on buying textbooks. A book that usually ranges  from $51.45 (rented) to $128.60 (bought new) at the campus bookstore has been listed from $25 to $40 on the page.


Though it does depend on the luck of members seeing the posts in time, and other factors such as the original cost of the book, most students are usually able to score bargains through this group. In addition to selling and buying textbooks, members are also able to share links to other inexpensive alternatives to paying full price for books.

Staying connected through the TAMIU Student Network, also allows the member to stayed informed of upcoming events such as Rush Week, activities taking place at the Student Center, student tutoring services, lost/found items, and the occasional meme to add laughter to the day.

Most importantly, through this exchange of information, the group allows its members to form bonds amongst each other. Some end up adding each other on Facebook after meeting on the page, and in some cases, may even meet up offline. This is a great way for out-of-town/state or international students to make new friends and reach further out in to Laredo and its surrounding areas, or for local students seeking to cut costs on books, learn about opportunities on and off campus, or simply to expand their personal and professional networks.


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