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Language professors bring a world of knowledge to students

For some students, learning a foreign language can be an exciting endeavor and an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of other cultures. For others, it can be a daunting task filled with anxiety and frustration.

The language faculty at Texas A&M International University includes several dedicated and patient instructors, including Julien and Melody Carrière, assistant professors of French and Italian.

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Summer In London: Benito Bondoc and Jessica Verastigui

Over the summer, TAMIU students continued to study and represent the university in various locations across the globe. Two of these students, Benito Bondoc and Jessica Verastigui, had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England, during Summer Session I.

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Paying It Forward with Project Pengyou

By Soledad Olmeda

From January 27th to February 2nd, Project Pengyou hosted an event for chapters across the nation to celebrate Chinese New Year by paying it forward. This event was called Pay It Forward on Chinese New Year (PIFOCNY) and the purpose was for each respective chapter to “adopt” a school in their community and inspire children to learn about China. The ultimate goal of PIFOCNY is to teach kids to become aware of other cultures, and to teach empathy and respect to them at a young age.


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The World Can Be A Classroom

We are past the time where only the rich were given the opportunity to travel overseas. Every day, there are new people starting blogs and displaying inspiring photos of their adventures far away from home.  Young people look at these postings, sighing at their own lack of luck, without realizing it can be more than just wishful thinking.

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Chile: Opportunities for Recent Graduates

The era of being confined to your hometown is long gone— the average American will move five times in their lifetime. With the advance of technology, our world keeps getting smaller and smaller; young adults look now further than their own countries for their next home.

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From Australia to TAMIU

By Lina Garcia

Egyptian parents, Australian nationality, multicultural understanding and values, and now a TAMIU engineering student.
Daniel Rafael was born in Perth, Western Australia, where he attended Curtin University before moving to Laredo, Texas and enrolling at Texas A&M International University.


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From Russia to TAMIU

Every year, Texas A&M International University sends its students to numerous locations across the world through their study abroad programs. However, TAMIU is also the host institution for many foreign exchange students. Though some complete their higher education here, such as student athletes or graduate students, some come to TAMIU to experience the unique culture of Laredo and South Texas for a brief time.

Ivan Nikitin, a native of Volgda, Russia is one of those students. Nikitin, 21, studies Communication at the University of Applied Science in Arnhem, Netherlands, but is an exchange student at TAMIU this semester. Two months into his stay, he reflected on his experiences in this country.

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Engineering students travel to Azerbaijan

This past July, forty-seven students from Texas A&M International University and other colleges and universities from South Texas had the opportunity to travel to Baku, Azerbaijan to attend the Baku Summer Energy School from July 10th to July 22nd.

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Summer in Spain: Cristina Maldonado

Though the spring semester has come and gone, study abroad programs are still in full swing this summer. Students have continued to travel across the globe while earning academic credit. One of these students is Cristina Maldonado, a senior majoring in English, who recently returned from studying in Malaga, Spain.

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New Study Abroad Program Coming to TAMIU

As we continue to highlight, Study Abroad programs available at the university are a great way to have new experiences. It is a great way to make new friends, see new places, and learn many different things.
This upcoming semester, a new 3 week study abroad course will be offered for Wintermester. It will be open to all TAMIU students giving them the opportunity to get exposed to another culture.

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