EDUCATION: International students adjust to TAMIU

EDUCATION: International students adjust to TAMIU

By Marissa Contreras
Social Media Co-Manager
Published Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024

As new international students join TAMIU’s campus each semester, they undergo an adjustment period. Officials from the Office of International Engagement work with them to help smooth that transition.

Before admission to Texas A&M International University, the Office of International Engagement contacts international students and their affiliated schools to discuss what each student needs and what the process looks like to enter the U.S. Once this process completes and students acquire their necessary documents, they are admitted to TAMIU. Next, they begin the process of communicating with a mentor from the International Student Mentor Program.

Office of International Engagement
Juan Carlos Puente | Bridge
International Engagement Program Director Yamel Muzquiz poses for a photo next to an international display in the program’s office on second floor of the Zaffirini Success Center on Feb. 22.

This program helps build relationships between local students and international students so that students coming from abroad do not feel uncomfortable at TAMIU.

“Sometimes, students feel more comfortable with students,” International Engagement Program Director Yamel Muzquiz said. “So, once they build this camaraderie, they already get comfortable with their arrival here.”

The office works closely with the Office of Student Engagement to help welcome students through scheduling for Dusty Camp and other welcome events.

“We try to bring them in and try to have them have the full experience of a student here in the United States,” Muzquiz said.

They also work closely with campus housing to accommodate international students throughout the semester.

Assistant Director Raquel Alvarez-Urrutia said they work with housing “to make some things available to them that may not be available to them upon arrival, such as toiletries and things like that.”

While at TAMIU, international students meet other TAMIU students, as well as other international students in the Association of International Students. AIS helps international students meet others from either their home country or around it and find common interests so they feel more comfortable at TAMIU.

The University also offers cultural events to celebrate holidays from around the world in order to help students feel closer to their home country and culture.

Interested persons can learn more about the program, how to become an ISMP mentor or about TAMIU’s study abroad program at their offices in the Zaffirini Success Center, Room 206, or via email at


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