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Cubans Stationed in Mexico Face Uncertainty

By Carmen Garcia

President Obama’s last foreign policy decision this past January aimed to treat all migrants coming into the US to be processed equally. The end of the “Wet Feet, Dry Feet” policy—which was an open door to Cuban migrants—came as a sudden compromise, especially to the Cubans who faltered along the way to the US.


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Lonely Days for the US

By Gloria Guajardo

It has been nearly two months since President Donald Trump took office. In these few weeks, his administration has placed immigrants all over the US on edge.

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Will Foreign Aid Ever End Poverty?

By Brianna Cruz

It is the season in which America is choosing their best candidate to represent them as a nation. Both candidates have expressed their view on poverty and the foreign policy the United States follows. Both candidates are focused on eliminating poverty and have almost the exact same outcome. The goals of the foreign policy are to “build and sustain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community.” It also focuses on exports and nuclear technology and interaction with foreign nations. This subject has been a topic of debate not only here in the U.S., but worldwide. This policy is one of the most important tools that the rich countries use to help poor countries. It is used to improve the population from their prosperity and their economic/corporate development.

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The True Extent of Violence and Corruption in Mexico

By Sergio Loera

Many people talk about violence in Mexico and along the US-Mexico border, and tend to attribute much of that violence to criminal organizations and drugs. Most people assume that the violence is everywhere in Mexico, and simply being in any part of this country puts you in immediate danger.


Dr. Viridiana Rios, a research fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C., has spent a long time studying and understanding the violence and corruption that takes place in Mexico. During her November 9 presentation at Texas A&M International University, during the IBC Speaker Series, she isolated both of these problems and outlined their true nature and origin, presenting several steps that can be implemented, and some that are already being taken to resolve the issues.

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