SPORTS: Rec Center hosts Strength Competition

SPORTS: Rec Center hosts Strength Competition

By Dora Guerrero
Bridge Staff Writer
Published Thursday, March 28, 2024

After three days of muscle power, the TAMIU Recreation Center’s annual spring Strength Competition came to an end.

The March 5-7 competition brings interaction to the Kinesiology, Wellness and Recreation Center. Events like this are open to all TAMIU students interested in showing off their strength in a safe and sanitary environment. Anyone in the student body who is interested in lifting, regardless of their expertise, can participate in these events without fear of judgment.

weightlifting during the strength competition
Tiffany Luna | Bridge
Juan Gutierrez lifts during the Strength Competition on March 6 in the Kinesiology, Wellness and Recreation Center.

For those interested in participating, they should not be worried about getting injured, personal trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Ashley Valdez said.

“Everyone is welcome and it’s very safe because we have spotters,” Valdez said. “For today, we have a main spotter and two spotters on the side. If there is, at any point, the bar goes down, they can feel safe enough to have someone there.”

Many students, including Juan Gutierrez, arrived at the event to measure their strength and saw the competition as something to do for fun rather than going for the win. Gutierrez proceeded to bench 185 pounds and attempted as much as 200 pounds.

“I’m here for fun, testing what my numbers are and see if I can come back stronger in the fall,” Gutirrez said.

Other more seasoned competitors, like Johana Colina, who benched 100 pounds, arrived at the competition because of their love for powerlifting.

“It’s a hobby of mine,” Colina said. “I chose to come and show what I can do …”

Students like Colina managed to keep attending strength competitions to test their own strength, as well as offer support to other attendees.

After the competition, the Rec Center personal trainers expected to look at the results of all the competitors to determine a winner. Because of the great number of competitors, winners were expected to be announced within a week. Since strength competitions are measured by weight class, officials planned for separate winners.

“Events like these are very enjoyable,” Valdez said. She followed by commenting about the future events, such as the Rage-Fest, which is scheduled for mid-April and also be open to TAMIU students.


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