CAMPUS: Delta Xi Nu hosts annual ‘Honey Week’ for recruitment

CAMPUS: Delta Xi Nu hosts annual ‘Honey Week’ for recruitment

By Juan Carlos Puente
Social Media Manager
Published Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023

In the week-long annual Round up the Sweetest event, the Delta Xi Nu “Honeys” sought to recruit new members.

The Greek organization hosted the public recruitment event, which also offered education about it.

Honeys karaoke event
Miriam Salinas | Bridge
An unidentified participant in the Honeys, Delta Xi Nu multicultural sorority, event sings karaoke on Sept. 14.

Each day of this year’s event had a different country-style theme. Sept. 11 featured “Giddy up Craft,” which offered arts and crafts. On Sept. 12, the members offered cowboy hat decorating. On Sept. 14 they held a country karaoke night. On the final day, Sept. 15, they offered a Western pizza party.

“Essentially, this is just events we hold for a week, kinda just showing who we are as DXN, what we represent, what we strive for, just so others can get to know us,” co-membership educator and public relations contact Ashley Niño said.

The sorority hopes to promote and build upon multiculturalism within the organization. It also works toward cultural awareness in and outside the organization via multiple events its members partake in. The sorority event was open to all ages and genders, intended to provide a fun and safe environment.

Honeys sing karaoke
Miriam Salinas | Bridge
An unidentified member of the Honeys, Delta Xi Nu multicultural sorority, prepares to sing for a campus karaoke event on Sept. 14.

“It’s just so that people could get to know us, relax, have fun and maybe even destress a little from classes,” Niño said.

Interested persons may apply for membership if they meet the following restrictions, DXN member Dora Guerrero said: one must be a woman, gender fluid or gender non-binary. In addition, interested persons may receive updates on events as well as get in contact for membership via tamiu_xihoneys on Instagram.


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