NEWS: Laredo College chooses lone finalist from TAMIU

NEWS: Laredo College chooses lone finalist from TAMIU

By David Gomez Jr.

Published Sunday, May 15, 2022

TAMIU’s own Vice President of Student Success Maria Minerva Ramirez becomes Laredo College’s lone finalist during the late evening of April 28 during LC’s search for a new president.

“We congratulate our longtime colleague and friend, Dr. Minita Ramírez, on her selection as sole finalist for the position of president of Laredo College,” TAMIU President Pablo Arenaz offered the following morning in an email.

Vice President of Student Success
Rolando Santos | TAMIU Public Relations
Vice President for Student Success Maria Minerva Ramirez

Arenaz continued about her lengthy career on campus and how much of an impression she left on it.

“The arc of her 21-year career here at TAMIU has been truly impressive, student-centered and mission-affirming–and so we are delighted with her selection by the Board of Trustees to lead LC’s continued growth and development,” Arenaz added.

Come May 19, and currently pending negotiations, this would mark LC’s eighth president in its history, but first woman to take up the mantle.

She advocates for students and faculty in her current job as vice president of student success. One of the most tested moments in her career occurred during the TAMIU Flex scheduling in Fall 2020.

As head of the organization in charge of preparing for the safety of students and faculty during the height of the pandemic, she led the charge to ensure that every classroom, study room, restroom and much more were up to standard in only five weeks.

Due to Ramirez’s situation, she cannot make public comments of any kind about her new job until after she officially becomes president; she can say a few things about the one she is leaving.

“I am a proud graduate of Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), class of 1983,” Ramirez emailed The Bridge. “It is because of the academic foundation that I received here, coupled with hard work, patience and dedication that I have been able to fulfill my goals.

“I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way, and equally grateful to the people who I have had the privilege of working with.”

She is a glass half-full individual, as it shows in the gratitude she expresses.

“Each experience is a cornerstone of the administrator, educator and leader that I am today,” Ramirez emailed The Bridge. “I look forward to the future with optimism for our community of educators and learners.

“I am grateful to the many professors, supervisors and colleagues who have shared their insights and lessons, and to the many who have opened the pathways for the rest of us to walk through and continue to support the learning of others.”

Arenaz ended his letter in support of Ramirez’s future.

“We look forward to Dr. Ramírez’s leadership, and are eager to continue to work with LC on our shared mission focused on amplifying and expanding the life-changing importance of higher education in Laredo, and throughout our dynamic region,” Arenaz said.

Ramirez understands that her success was not accomplished alone and to keep supporting anyone who may be having a difficult time achieving their goals.
“I challenge all of you to continue to support those who are struggling to find their way to higher education because ‘Education is the World’s Equalizer,’” Ramirez emailed The Bridge.


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