CAMPUS: Organizations face off in Dusty Cup

CAMPUS: Organizations face off in Dusty Cup

By Carolina Cruz
Bridge Staff Writer
Published Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Get Ready. Set. Go!

Texas A&M International University student organizations went face-to-face with one another in this year’s annual Dusty Cup.

Dusty Cup event
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Isamary Martinez, left, guides Daniella Delgado in a blind dodgeball game for the Dusty Cup event at TAMIU’s Rec Center on April 24.

TAMIU organizations participate in a series of competitions, called Dusty Cup, for the opportunity to win prizes which benefit their organizations. It was held on April 24 this year.

 “We do a physical portion, academics and social media,” Traditions Committee Chair Monserrat Garza said. “So, all the organizations compete for a chance to win between three grants.”

TAMIU Pre-Law Chapter, Sigma Delta Lambda, and the A. R. Sanchez School of Business Dean’s Student Advisory Council competed for first place with a $500 grant, second place with a $400 grant and third place with a $300 grant.

Dusty Cup Mario Karts
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Daniella Delgado, center, and Aaron Gonzalez, right, race through the course for Mario Karts during the Dusty Cup event at TAMIU Rec Center on April 24.

Junior political science major José Eduardo Alvarado participates as a member of the TAMIU Pre-Law Chapter. He also competed in the Dusty Cup games.

“We participated in the Dusty Cup today and honestly it was pretty fun in the first challenges, which were part of the physical portion,” Alvarado said on the day of the event. “We did lose some, but in the end I think we still prevailed.”

In the physical portion of the games, each organization competed in a set of activities at the TAMIU Recreational Center, which ranged from blind dodgeball to basketball, and even to a Mario Kart-inspired obstacle course.

Dusty Cup event, ping pong ball on a spoon event
Samantha Gonzalez | Bridge
Katherine Rocha balances a ball on a spoon during a race for the Dusty Cup event at TAMIU’s Rec Center on April 24.

The event also tested participants’ knowledge on a variety of subjects, including TAMIU history, in the form of trivia questions for the academics portion of the competition. The organizations documented the event on their social media for the last category of the competition.

The University Life Awards ceremony announced the winners on April 30 with the TAMIU Pre-Law Chapter winning the first-place prize of $500. Second place went to Sigma Delta Lambda and third place went to the A. R. Sanchez School of Business DSAC. 


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