Sports games a no go; TAMIU athletics continue

Sports games a no go; TAMIU athletics continue

By David Gomez Jr.
Published Monday, April 27, 2020

Dustdevils athletics ceased games and practices due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that is not stopping the department from continuing to recruit, train and be ready to play at any moment. 

With Texas A&M International University on lock down, spring sports programs such as golf, baseball and softball were cancelled for the remainder of the semester. That speed bump did not completely stop the work the Athletics Department continues to do on a daily basis.

“With the majority of our staff and coaches working from home, our coaches are spending most of their time recruiting over the phone and evaluating video of potential recruits,” Athletics Director Griz Zimmermann said in an email to The Bridge. “In addition, [they are] keeping in touch with their current players.

“Most of our administrative staff has continued their normal day-to-day workload, just working remotely … some are still in our offices on campus as essential staff.”

The pandemic, seemingly, came out of nowhere. What started as a noticeable trend in the news and social media, quickly became a full-blown pandemic in less than five months. This generated concern with the administration, faculty and student athletes.

“We are in constant contact with our student athletes,” Zimmermann said in the email. “We are fortunate that the majority of international students were able to make it home safely. Our university has done a fantastic job in keeping faculty, staff and students updated and informed with all matters pertaining to the pandemic and the University community.”

One student athlete who remained on campus expressed concern, taking all the precautions and ordinances seriously, knows the pandemic should not be taken for granted. TAMIU golfer Natchawan “Faii” Serisamran holds optimism the quarantine will come to an end.

“Everyone’s got a rough day,” Serisamran said regarding being stuck in her University Village apartment. “Today might be the worst day, but it will never be worse than this.”

Though, for how long it will continue is the answer everyone seems to be searching. As the self-quarantine continues, so will the cancellation of sports games.

“It is truly unfortunate that the baseball, softball and golf seasons were cut short,” Zimmermann said in the email. “This was exceptionally heartbreaking for our coaches and student athletes who work so hard to compete and represent our university on the field and course. We always look forward to watching the student athletes compete.”

Adding to Serisamran’s hopeful message, Zimmermann added a few words of his own in what many people keep referring to as “these difficult times.”

“We[, the staff,] would like to take this time to once again say, ‘Thank you to all medical personnel, first responders, caregivers and front-line workers for all the work they are doing during this trying time,’” he said. “[We] look forward to the day when we can all be together and celebrate Dustdevil Athletics.”


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