Living on campus vs. on campus living

By Lydia Dean


Before anything, there is a difference between just “living on campus” and “on campus living”. “Living on Campus” is the physical act of actually staying—day in and day out—on campus. The university is your home for the semesters to come. “On Campus Living”, on the other hand, is creating a life for oneself when being on a college campus. Taking parts in campus wide events, working for the university, or even running an organization.


The difference between just living on campus and making a life on campus could make or break an entire college experience.


According to The College Board, 40 percent of full-time college students at public universities and 64 percent at private universities live on-campus.


According to LeadershipEducators online, 75.8 percent of student reported that they are involved in extracurricular organizations. The organizations include Greek fraternity and sororities, athletic teams, academic clubs, and associations focused on the arts.  


Being a part of a group, whatever kind it might be, helps ease the drastic and, at time, overwhelming change of university life. Joining an organization helps student find others like them. Creating a bond with someone who is similar to you can be a comfort. Societies are most effective when their members are similar and have the same drive to keep the organization flourishing.


“Most of the friends I have now I met in my org. I’m a lot happier now, they are such a good time and are always there for me” says a female sorority student at TAMIU.


“I have even brought in some of my own friends to join” adds a male fraternity student.


According to our TAMIU Collegiatelink page, there are 116 active organization on campus; one for almost every type of student.


Furthermore, there are always different opportunities for student to get involved on campus. The Campus Activities Board is always hosting new events for the entire TAMIU and Laredo community to enjoy. Holding events before spring break to educate our students on methods of protection during the fun nights, or a massive fun night before midterms to motivate and reenergize the student body.


There is always something exciting happening around us. No student has the right to say “there is nothing to do on my campus” because even the smallest have plenty to offer.  



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