TAMIU Expanding its Horizons

By Kassandra Juarez

With technology being a huge party of our lives today, many students want to pursue a career that falls into that category, such as Systems Engineering.



Here in Laredo Texas, Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) offers a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering which is a great option for students who would then like to purse a career in that field.

The only down side is that if students want to pursue such career in any other area of engineering, they have to transfer from TAMIU to Texas A&M University in College Station or Texas A&M – Kingsville. TAMIU helps these students out by providing a pre-engineering curriculum to those universities.



For those studying here in the meantime, instructors like Dr. Tariq Tashtoush, assistant professor of engineering, can give students the tools they need in order to pursue their career.



Carlos Garcia, a student who has taken classes with Tashtoush, stated that he is a great professor who helps his students succeed and is always encouraging them to follow their path leading to their engineering career.



An engineering program offered at TAMIU would be ideal for those students that do not have the means to transfer out to other universities, since they would be studying here in Laredo.



Not only would this help the students, but it would also benefit the city of Laredo and the university since it could potentially attract new professors and students.



With dedicated instructors and students, the dreams of having a larger engineering program at TAMIU could come true in the near future.


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