LGBTQ Group Strong at TAMIU

By Mauricio Zertuche


Currently, Texas A&M International University has an estimated 5,000 students, many of which have formed campus organizations to make their campus a better place for all students.


At TAMIU, there exists a group called Campus Ally Network, which is formed by 39 members, led by its president Chema Villarreal. This group is advocating for the LGBTQ community at TAMIU and in Laredo as a whole.



Many people judge LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning) people, because they do not fully accept them. Although many people now accept these individuals, there are still many others that do not.



For those wishing to join this group, they can contact any of their members through CollegiateLink. At this moment there are no requirements to be a member, other than being a TAMIU student.



Members will have the chance to host different events around the year, as well as assist with fundraisers.



For students struggling with their sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other personal matter, the Student Counseling Center (SCS) offers counseling services that are included in every students’ tuition. These services are confidential. The SCS can be contacted at 956-326-2230 and are located in the Zaffirini Success Center in room 138.



A popular resource outside TAMIU is PILLAR, where confidential counseling services are also available. PILLAR it is located on 1403 N. Seymour Ave, and can be reached at 956-723-7457.



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