Health Care: The College Years

By Scarletth Merkley

The time an individual is in university is commonly labeled as ‘”the best years of your life”.  Pursuing higher education during these four years is not only commendable, but also the time to gain independence and a slight taste of reality.

What is not advertised about college is the bad habits that one will have to take up to get through it. Late night study sessions, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep plague every campus.


Although these habits seem like they are working fine for a while, many carry long-term health effects.


According to Health Online, “A new study finds that 70% of college students gain weight and body fat by graduations, fueled by the late night snacking, fattening dorm meals, and a lack of exercise.”


With many facilities available on campus, such as a campus recreational building equipped with a gym and two full-sized basketball courts, why is it that kids are as unhealthy as they are?


“I don’t like to go to the rec because I am scared of being laughed at while exercising”, says a TAMIU student.  Being self-conscious about your body is normal, but letting it restrict you from a healthy life is giving your insecurities power they should not possess.


If going to the gym is off the table, there is always the option of a healthy eating lifestyle.  According to StatisticsBrain, 7.3 million Americans are vegan. Why not take up a new heating habit?


“I prefer fast-food because it is quick and cheap.  Cooking takes time and money—two things I don’t have”, says a female TAMIU student.


Boundless.org conducted a campus culture survey and they estimated that “college students eat an average of six to eight fast-food meals a week.”


With a salad bar and gym available on campus, the schools believe they are doing all they can to promote a healthier lifestyle for their students.  It is true.


With simple changes such as: learning proper meal portion size, eating breakfast, drinki9ng water, and learning to not eat while stressed, one will start to see a vast difference in personal health.


It is up to the individual student to make the changes and stick to them.  It is a new year and there is no better time to start something new and beneficial.


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