Student Invites Community to Thanksgiving

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a day in which families come together, break bread, and enjoy each other’s company. Yet some are not fortunate to share this day with their loved ones for various reasons. For college students, time, distance, and money are often factors that can keep them from joining their families for the holiday.
Santiago Rubio, a junior majoring in history, noticed this and took matters into his own hands.

On the TAMIU Student Network, Rubio invited any and all students who did not have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with to his own family’s Thanksgiving lunch.

“With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’d like to invite anybody spending the day alone to come over and enjoy Thanksgiving lunch with my family. If for whatever reason you wouldn’t like to stay, you’re welcome to pick up a plate!” wrote Rubio.

The post garnered more than 900 likes and went viral within the community. Local social media star Priscilla Villarreal Trevino, better known as “LaGordiLoca” shared the post with her Facebook followers.

Rubio explained that the inspiration for his generous offer came from his grandma’s sister, who passed away recently. His grand-aunt had a tradition of inviting people in the same predicament to her house in Kerrville, and Rubio wanted to continue this tradition in his own special way.

His family was just as eager to help; Rubio’s mother even woke up at 4 AM to help him prepare the meals that would later be picked up.
Throughout the day, six people showed up to pick up the meals prepared by himself and his family. His generous and caring spirit was evident in the perspective he shared about the final turnout.

“In a way, I was glad only six people showed up, because that meant there weren’t so many lonely people on Thanksgiving,” said Rubio.
Rubio said he hopes to continue the tradition next year. Most of all, he hopes that others are inspired to give as the holidays approach.

“One good deed will definitely lead to another,” he said.


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