A Misleading Company Called Convergys

By Toby Schwerin

Educational opportunities are what play an important factor in the lives of young adults. However, working and maintaining a college career is extremely difficult and most times impossible. Employees who are also students must find a job that works with their school schedule and not interfere with their studies. This can be difficult considering the pay and hours needed to make a living and pay for school.

Companies that offer full and part time students a job with flexible hours are in high demand and are almost guaranteed to be a successful company. However, it is rare to find these jobs and when they do come around it is hard to find positions available. Convergys is a customer service telephone company that helps customers fix their technological issues and insurance sales. Yet why does Convergys offer so many positions all the time and be advertised as a great place for college students, but still need more workers?

Perhaps Convergys isn’t as promising as it said to be. In fact, it is misleading and not recommended for students to work for such a company.

Companies such as Convergys offer students tuition reimbursement and flexible hours to go to school and work. There is some flaws that play a role in the work and educational possibilities when it comes to Convergys such as training times. Convergys says that they will work with college students schedules; however they cannot work with training times. This creates more turnover and many students becoming victims of false advertising and loss of financial stability.

False advertisement has been a common accusation toward Convergys, for stating that they work with your school schedule, offer full time positions and secure job. This is not correct due to the fact that most of the employees that quit the company say that Convergys does exactly the opposite. Linda, a former Convergys employee states, “I walked out because they didn’t offer me full time and my job was not secure. They paid me well but the working environment and the management were poorly organized and don’t treat you like a person”.

Steven, who also worked at Convergys says “The trainings were long and continuous. I tried to tell my team leader about my class schedule and he would not find the time to give me hours that best fit my college career”. Steven had no other choice but to part ways with the job. Although it was bringing in good money to help pay for college his grades were slipping as well as his attendance in class.
Convergys advertisement is smart and very effective. They use the radio, social media, and their website to help get college students and non-college employees for their benefits and tuition reimbursement, when in reality their schedules are not managed and the team leaders and managers only care about assuring that their team is well executed and doing their own job to keep it. More attention is focused on the caller and assuring they receive great customer service and all their problems are handled.

Tuition reimbursement is said to be one of the leading reasons why most students apply and get a job at Convergys. Linda says “Tuition reimbursement is a joke and there are too many loop holes to go through in order to receive it. It’s almost impossible to get tuition reimbursement; you even have to go as far as providing a receipt for classes and proof of attendance to assure that you’re currently attending”. Some former employees even say that after the training is complete they promise you hours yet most people don’t receive them, making it impossible to continue their education and receive refunds.

On the Convergys website it lures job seeking students in by the friendly faces, the regular clothes without uniforms, and happy attitudes. This type of job would come off supportive and inviting and meet the needs that they hope to establish when looking for a part time or full time job. It is perceived to be easy to apply and start at an above minimum wage job that is able to pay for school and other needs as well.

Companies like Convergys have the opportunity to help aid students in continuing their education. Students find it impossible to accommodate their class schedule with work, so it creates tension in the workplace and impossible goals to accomplish overall. Technically, Convergys has falsely advertised their company to assure a great work place environment and educational opportunities.

Similarly, companies like these that try to manipulate college students financial situation by giving the students no choice but to drop out of college and dedicate their time and skill and turn to Convergys. If this company had an effective team that could really dedicate themselves to creating a great working environment as well as guaranteed educational opportunities then Convergys would not have such a high turnover rate nor negative backlash.


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