The Rising Cost of EpiPens

By D. Christian Lopez

The Epipen has been around for more than 25 years. It is an injection that contains medicine which will open up the lungs, in the case of a severe allergic reaction. Last year alone, 3.6 millions of Americans depended on the EpiPen for severe allergies that may cause anaphylaxis, which can be a fatal allergic reaction if not treated immediately.  Over the past years, the cost of the EpiPen has risen.  In 2007, the cost for the EpiPen was about $100.  In these past months the cost is over $600 for a set of EpiPens.

Consumers are very concerned with the high out-of-pocket price. Previously, people who have insurance were paying very little for the EpiPens.  Now, depending on the patients’ health care provider, you might need to pay the full cost. Adding to cost, the EpiPens expire after a year.  This means that every year, it is a guaranteed expense that you will be paying for these lifesaving pens.


Most concerned over the issue are parents, because they need to take care of their children who suffer from severe allergies.  Parents can’t keep an eye on their children every second of the day, so they have multiple EpiPens at home, in the car, at school, etc.  It is an expense that they are very concerned on bringing back to a low cost.


With the high increase on the EpiPens, consumers are working on ways to be able to make them more affordable.  They are starting organizations in order to help make EpiPens’ price drop.  They have also sent a petition to Congress regarding the high price.  Even though many consumers are trying to find ways to lower the cost of the EpiPen, the price has yet to drop.


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