Get ‘Em to the Dodgers

By Andre Hernandez

This late in October, the center of the sports world is more than likely shifted towards the sport of baseball; being that the World Series of Major League Baseball (MLB) is officially underway.

Although the passion of a Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians fan is pretty high to duplicate, the adoration that was showed to long time sports Announcer Vin Scully from many Los Angeles Dodger fans is something to truly admire. Fans from across the nation are showing their commemoration such as local Texas A&M International University student Andre Hernandez who has included the 88 year old in the creation of his new novel.


“Over the summer, a couple of my friends as well as myself has ambitions on traveling to Los Angeles on our own in hopes of catching one last baseball game with legendary sports announcer Vin Scully.” The trip was planned out for weeks however as we soon neared the days of going, problems developed and we were not longer able to go to the baseball game. This piece of work that I have started is based on the trip that we were meant to have gone on”, Mr. Hernandez said during a recent interview. “The trip would have been life altering for the three of us, being that we were only 19 year olds and although we didn’t make it to California the possible adventures that we were bound to face was enough to inspire the story.”

The Novel is set in the past month of baseball, as the season is winding down, the Los Angeles Dodgers are planning to say goodbye to long time announcer Vin Scully. Along with the commemorative weekend and the Vin Scully Appreciation Day, the Dodger organization made the last game called by Vin Scully a great one to remember. Fans from all over the country know how much the final game means, so a group of very young adults try endlessly to win their way into the final Dodgers home game. After much effort the Dodgers front office calls the boys back in Texas to let them know that a grand prize waits for them in Los Angeles. The invitation is enough to send the boys halfway across the United States to a baseball game and the journey embarked by the group of friends is one of true adventure and uncertainty. The boys cross numerous obstacles as well as learn a lot about themselves on their journey to the ‘City of Angels’.

The reason the Vin Scully plays a major role in the piece of work is because the excitement of getting to see vintage Dodger Stadium sights and sounds is what the journey was for. Through the many 67 years with the organization Vin Scully provided commentary that served more like poems to the game of baseball. His fluent vocabulary to the game of baseball will truly be unmatched, which is why it is a point to get the last game of his career. In recent conversation with the author he stated that, “Mr. Vin Scully is almost like the light at the end of the tunnel or the city of Oz. His presence or Character is one the will continue to inspire the group of boys as they travel across the United States, often being mention when the boys are at low points in the story. The story does nothing more than express commemoration to the legendary announcer as well as tell an amazing tale of adventurous boys as they mature and become more eager about life.”

What seems to amaze, is the simple fact that the story was never accomplished in real life, when talking with the author he made is seem very apparent that the story is developed on imagining what if. “When trying to imagine the concept, put the following aspects into consideration. The point of any journey is to learn and experience life. When chasing the unknown, the unknown is expected; the unknown meaning life. It was not as big of a challenge to create obstacles or events in the story because taking in simple problems into account is a lot to ask of a couple of 19 year olds. What has been a tad bit tougher is trying to imagine crossing paths with Vin Scully, being he is the man who is idolized by many”.

Although the novel is only set to begin, the time of finishing has not been mentioned, however the novel seems promising to provide adventure and thrill for everyone. For the 19 year old author, the message as well as the process behind this story if nothing more than to learn about life as you chase what you are passionate about; letting nothing get in the way of getting to the Dodgers.


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