TAMIU Shows Solidarity for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Raising awareness of sexual assault on college campuses has become a priority for many of TAMIU’s top-ranking officials and students alike. Working together with local and regional organizations, they have organized several events allowing students to inform themselves on how to prevent sexual assault and provide coping skills for themselves or other individuals who have gone through this type of trauma
In a press release, Sandra Villanueva, the University’s Title IX coordinator who has lead the “It’s on US” campaigns launch on campus, stated “As a University we are accountable. We have a responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students and community. By participating in this national campaign and wholeheartedly endorsing its message and intent, we affirm our commitment to eradicating sexual assault from our campus and all campuses,”
President Keck agreed “Our participation sends a clear signal: we will not tolerate sexual assault on this campus. Parents and students should expect no less. This week provides a focus, but we want this week to be carried on through the school year and forward to become part of our campus culture and experience. It truly is on us,”
April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. TAMIU kicked off the month with their second annual Take Back the Night event on April 7. The goals of the event were to raise awareness of sexual assault on campus and to honor survivors. The event started off with the Heels Walk which was hosted by the Greek council. Participants walked the width of the campus in teal heels or in shirts distributed by TBNT committee members. While walking, they showed their support for the cause with a chant.
There were several student organizations present, as well as the President of SGA Jesus Padilla. Padilla stated “This is an important issue that deserves more attention. I plan to work with SGA and the TBTN committee to spread awareness of sexual assault on campus.” The TAMIU Dance Club performed an interpretation of Lady Gaga’s song “Till it Happens to You”. The head of the regional No More campaign gave a speech. The night ended with a moment of silence for survivors. While the song “Light” by Sleeping At Last played students waved glow sticks to symbolize lights in the darkness.
Sigma Delta Lambda had an information booth in the Student Center on April 25 where they shared facts about sexual assault and answered questions about the topic. Sigma Tau Delta held an event for sexual assault awareness on April 28. They set up two boards in the Student Center patio and had teal sticky notes available for students to write an encouraging message and post it on the boards. By the time the event ended, the boards were completely filled with messages written by TAMIU students.
TAMIU continues to take measures against sexual assault such as the Green Dot training which teaches students how to work together in groups to prevent violent incidents on campus.


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