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Food Delivery Servicing TAMIU and Community

It is an exciting year for Foods4U, Laredo’s very own food and grocery delivery service.  Entrepreneurs Lydia V. Johnson, Communication major at Texas A&M International University, and Erick Contreras, TAMIU graduate and military veteran are excited to announce that they will offer their food delivery service, Foods4U, to the TAMIU community. (more…)
Shakespeare and Cervantes Month Makes Impact

Shakespeare and Cervantes Month Makes Impact

October was engulfed with literary praise through the celebrations of two literary giants Miguel De Cervantes and William Shakespeare.  The 400th anniversary of their passing encompassed various events within Texas A&M International University and also within the Laredo community.  Funding for the celebration was raised through Humanities Texas, a state branch of national endowment of humanities and organization of the celebration is honorably due to Dr. Ursula Klein, assistant professor of the English department and Dr. Lola Norris, assistant professor of the Spanish department at TAMIU. (more…)
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Campus Carry: What You Need To Know

TAMIU’s 2016 fall semester starts with enthusiasm and the new controversial Campus Carry Law.  Since it was accepted by the Texas A&M University System, some doubts have surfaced about whether the law will or will not be beneficial for institutions of higher education.  When considering these doubts, it is vital to understand the limits of the Campus Carry Law: it only “allows licensed holders to carry a concealed handgun on a campus of higher education.” (more…)

A Student Life With ADHD

Sometimes I can’t hear people when they talk to me. I have to ask them, “Wait, can you say that again?” and deal with a pretty annoyed countenance that reciprocates, “Did you seriously not understand what I just said?” My answer would simply that it’s not that I can’t understand, it’s just that I didn’t hear it--I was too busy looking at how your upper lip folds whenever you say the word, “here” and how your hair is curly from only one spot—my ADHD overcomes me.  As a student at Texas A&M International University, it has been quite the challenge dealing with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) on a day to day basis. (more…)

5 Applications That Will Give You More For Your Buck

As university students it is known that we are usually under a tight budget. Any form of deals, sales, or a new cheap and experimental snack is always greatly appreciated and occasionally sought.  Sometimes it seems impossible to save money and hunger pangs while friendly invitations get neglected and postponed, one is left with a somber and empty feeling, literally. What is there to do now but pull out your smart phone and scroll through your Facebook feed and just witness others post of their new purchases and their yummy meals.  The situation seems practically helpless, doesn’t it? What if I told you that using that same very device you use to check your Facebook you can use to save money on merchandise and food too? (more…)
Spring 2016 Grads Share Their Stories

Spring 2016 Grads Share Their Stories

Rebekah Rodriguez and I.M. Kero also contributed to this report.  Spring 2016 was a promising semester for Texas A&M International University as graduates came rolling out in significant numbers. In the weeks following graduation,  new graduates have continued to share their stories through social media. Every story is unique, and four recent graduates shared theirs with The Bridge News. (more…)

ASMR Phenomena for Improved Study and Sleep

As a full time student at Texas A&M International University, I always find myself awake studying late hours preparing myself for a test or writing a twelve page paper the night before it’s due. Evidently, my sleep schedule gets extremely unbalanced because of this. I have never been a huge fan of taking medicine to help me sleep and have struggled with sleep almost all my life. It seems that by mere accident I found a solution many years ago on a date I can’t even remember. (more…)
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