5 Applications That Will Give You More For Your Buck

As university students it is known that we are usually under a tight budget. Any form of deals, sales, or a new cheap and experimental snack is always greatly appreciated and occasionally sought.  Sometimes it seems impossible to save money and hunger pangs while friendly invitations get neglected and postponed, one is left with a somber and empty feeling, literally. What is there to do now but pull out your smart phone and scroll through your Facebook feed and just witness others post of their new purchases and their yummy meals.  The situation seems practically helpless, doesn’t it? What if I told you that using that same very device you use to check your Facebook you can use to save money on merchandise and food too?

Through the graces of GooglePlay, a window has opened and exposed countless applications for varies situations, even applications that help you get more for your dollar! This is extremely beneficial too since we all know that every university students in recent years cannot live without a smart phone device. One would not be left empty handed and hungry as long as you carry your smart phone with you all the time and keep it fully charged.  Check out this five top applications you can download on your phone which I have felt have benefitted me the most as a university student who is always on the hunt on how to save and get more for my dollar.

1.)    RetailMeNot – This app is anybody coupon’s galore fantasy and very smart too.  Once you download this app to your smart phone, the app instantaneously uses your GPS to locate areas near you that have deals.  These areas vary from either restaurants or retail stores of various kinds.  If you’re curious to know if something far away has deals, no worries, you can just search it up too! RetailMeNot has benefitted me the most in stores like JCPenney, Subway, HobbyLobby, BestBuy, and Walgreens.   But there is practically every store you can imagine on that application.  It’s a simple, search for the store you want, download the coupons, and show them at check out! Done!

2.)    Wish —  Wish is a worldwide online shopping mall with millions of products to choose from.  Wish is mostly a retail and item based application so this app wouldn’t help with food and hygiene products but it could help you find that super high tech looking flashlight you need, or a super cheap blue tooth speaker.  There is also a lot of clothes for both men and women on this application, mostly very modern attire.  Word of advice, when ordering clothes through this application be sure to always get a size up because the sizes do come a little too small but for the prices, you can’t beat it! Plus, with your first buy on wish you get a free gift of your choice and as long as you keep buying you get points that turn into free gifts in the future.  Extremely economical online shopping application university students are bound to enjoy.

3.)    PoshMark —  This application is a little like Amazon and Ebay in the sense that you can sell and buy. But this is strictly for fashion items or clothing.  Ever find some old clothes of yours laying around that doesn’t fit you anymore? Even think that you old American Eagle shit or old Nike running shoes would want to be bought?  They will! There is people out there who are willing to pay dollars for used products as long as they’re brand name. Worried because you don’t have major brands in your closet? Think again, not all items listed on PoshMark are major brands. Mostly, users are looking for decent looking merchandise at a reasonable price.  So hurry, download the application and make your account, take some fancy shots of your vintage merchandise and upload. You’ll be surprised how many people are interested in your hand me downs!

4.)    BookScouter – This app is probably the most important of all applications on this list. BookScouter is an exteremly beneficial app for university students who are looking to find their books online for a cheaper price.  As students, we all know that books at the bookstore are usually overpriced.  And with a low budget, it hurts to pass your debit card on a book you only really need for one semester.  What BookScouter does is look for the book you’re searching for through as many different websites where that book is listed in.  Then, you can pick and chose which site has the book at a cheaper prices and bam! You just saved money on books.  It really is that simple.

5.)    Boxed Wholesale – Boxed Wholesale is a good way to stock up on all your daily household essentials and food like washer soap,  paper towels, water, chips, and even siracha sauce.  The great aspect of Boxed Wholesale is that most items come in bulk, and at a more affordable price. So spending 19.99 on a paper towels may not seem reasonable, but when you consider the amount of time those paper towels will last you, it starts to make sense. It’s also a good idea for university students who don’t always have time to run to the grocery store to restock to use this application.  Not only for students who live at dorms would benefit from this application, but also students who still live at home with their parents or alone.  Boxed Wholesale as basically all your household needs in bulk; think of it as an online Sam’s Club.  Another perk to using this application is that they often reward you with little gifts depending on your purchases. It has never felt so good to buy in bulk than it has with Boxed Wholesale!


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