CAMPUS: They did it again: TAMIU ‘Call of Duty’ esports defeats UNT-Dallas

They did it again
CAMPUS: TAMIU ‘Call of Duty’ esports defeats UNT-Dallas

By Juan Carlos Puente
Social Media Manager
Published Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023

The TAMIU Call of Duty esports varsity team earned back-to-back wins since the semester started. On Sept. 20, the team faced off against the University of North Texas-Dallas and had a final score of 2-1 in favor of Texas A&M International University.

The match was once again streamed on Twitch, and while the previous game was a solid 3-0 in favor of TAMIU, the varsity team had to face some trials and adapt this time around.

“We went into the game playing like how we played the last few matches which was not gonna work against this team. ;So they made us complacent in a way, but it worked out, we made that comeback and we ended up winning,” Angel “Lotus” Galvan said.

Call of Duty player
Miriam Salinas | Bridge
TAMIU Call of Duty esports team member Abdiel Mendez plays a match on Nov. 21.

Team captain Eric “Iso” Rodriguez said the pressure of a match can affect the team.

“We know what it takes when it comes to being pressured, which happens, and if we ever do lose, all we can do is swallow it and just move on to the next and get better,” Rodriguez said.

He also said it’s important to stay humble after consistent wins. Rodriguez and Galvan agreed that while they win their matches, it can all be attributed to their time practicing and their incredible teamwork, that no one person sticks out and they solve their trials together.

For practice, the team plays scrimmages, which they call “scrims,” against other schools. They also review the recorded Twitch stream to pinpoint moments where they can improve.

“I already know what we’re gonna be looking at, but once we look at that, I’m definitely not making that mistake again,” Galvan said.

The team trains for its upcoming matches, which occur Wednesdays and Twitch stream via the TAMIU esports channel. Updates can also be found on the TAMIU Recreational Sports website, as well as txamiu_recsports on Instagram.


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