OPINION: Romance is not dead—we’re all just dead inside

OPINION: Romance is not dead—we’re all just dead inside

By Carina Galvan
Bridge Staff Intern

Published Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Loved by some and dreaded by many, Valentine’s Day loomed ahead; I witnessed the aftermath of a breakup in the parking lot.

There are enough songs out there about slashing your ex’s tires. We can only imagine how bad the breakup was, but this isn’t about someone’s failed romance.

Carina Galvan portrait
Carina Galvan

This isn’t a rant against Valentine’s Day either.

Think of this as a heart-to-heart conversation. I’ve only been alive for 22 years, but I spent most of it fantasizing about romance and love. In this generation where courting is the talking stage and dating apps are just for hookups, love doesn’t seem genuine anymore.

You might even be tempted to say that romance is dead, but I disagree.

Romance is not dead. We’re all just dead inside.

I know it sounds bad, but hear me out!

A romance is created by your love for someone and the actions you take to express your feelings for them. Romance is not dead. People just stopped putting in the effort to take action and make their romance happen.

Take my words with a light heart, friend. You may not be dead on the inside, but it takes two to have a budding romance. Choose wisely when it comes to giving up your time and effort to someone.

Love is a gamble. Offering your heart to someone gives them the chance to break it.

It sounds scary, but don’t let fear hold you back. Life is short, so let yourself feel everything. The good and the bad.

Too many bad heartbreaks can build a wall around a person’s heart. Whatever your situation is, love with no regrets.

“Love with no regrets.” What a load of bull, right?

No! I stand by every word I write—no matter how naive, crazy or cringy it sounds. You could pummel me with stones, and I wouldn’t take back any of it.

Just like life, love is what you make it out to be.

As sung by Katy Perry, “If it’s not like the movies, that’s how it should be.”

If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Viewing love as unrealistic is just an excuse.

This is coming from a girl who thought she was unlovable for the first 18 years of her life. Haha!

Growing up with the rise of social media and online dating, romance was basically dead and buried. No real amount of love could make me believe otherwise.

Still, the heart wants what it wants, and we keep trying. Eventually, I found my person. So, I believe you will find yours too.

Whether you found yourself spending Valentine’s Day alone, with your friends, or with a special somebody this year, remember that romance is not dead.

Now that I’ve called out everyone, there’s no excuse to mope and be sad about your situation.

Love with no regrets and take it all in—breathe romance back to life.


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