Golf team works to keep safe

Golf team works to keep safe

By Eric Peralta
Bridge contributing writer

Published Wednesday, May 5, 2021

As pandemic concerns continue, the TAMIU golf team follows policies to keep its athletes safe.

Redshirt sophomore Yuliana Yapur, of Morelos, Mexico, plays on the Texas A&M International University women’s golf team. The team is led by coach Rudy Gonzalez, who oversees both golf teams.

Golf coach Rudy Gonzalez
courtesy godustdevils.com
Golf coach Rudy Gonzalez

“For our practice, we now are separated from the men’s team,” Yapur said. “This means that while the men’s team goes out to play nine [or] 18 holes, the women stay, putting or at the range hitting balls and vice versa.

“For competitions, we used to play with other schools in the same group. Now we play our rounds of 18 or 36 holes with our own team, which is definitely different from what we used to do, but at the same time, it helps [us] encourage each other throughout the round.”

Men’s golf player junior Santiago Garcia, of Brownsville, Texas, practices with Yapur. He said the situation changed a lot due to the pandemic.

“When traveling out of town, all precautions are taken,” Garcia said. “On our flights, we wear our masks and face shields.”

“On our van rides, at every stop we make sure to wear [our] mask and wash our hands before re-entering the vehicle. Disinfectant wipes are always being used and hand sanitizer is usually being passed around. There is usually no wandering around the airport or stores. Our coaches take care of our snacks and fluids for our events. The only time [golfers] walk around or explore is to purchase our personal items.”


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