The Fear of Trump

By Carlos Leon


Ever since Donald Trump was elected, there has been a general fear among the Latino population. They fear he will make good on his campaign promises, along with any other major decisions he may make that can affect immigrants and their families.


President Trump has signed off two major executive orders: the infamous “Muslim ban” and the border wall, causing the fear to grow exponentially within the Latino and Muslim communities.



A woman who is a legal resident of the United States commented that every year she goes to Mexico to see her family for the holidays.



This year she did not go because she was afraid that her papers would be revoked upon her return.



Another man with legal residence decided to start his citizenship application once he realized that Trump could win.



While there are some people that think nothing will happen, immigration law firms have reported there have not been any changes in the flow of people traveling between the U.S. and Mexico these days.



Recently, there was a survey conducted here in Laredo.  Participants were asked three questions regarding President Trump’s decisions on immigration.



86% of the people that took the survey were U.S. citizens, and the other 14% were alien residents.  The researchers were hoping to get people with a visa, but could not find any.



One of the questions was:  “Are you afraid that Trump will make harsh immigration laws?”   For that question, 76% of the people answered that yes, they are afraid of this possibility.



The other question explored the possibility of Latinos living in the United States under a visa or a legal residency.  They were asked if they believed in the possibility of these individuals having their papers revoked.



71% of the people taking the survey were afraid that this can be a possibility.



One of the survey participants commented that he thought that Donald Trump will try to pass those laws, but the Senate and Congress will not let him.



A Virginia court stated that fewer than 60,000 visas have been provisionally revoked after the executive order on immigration was signed.



Even though these revoked visas are from individuals coming from the countries included in the travel ban, this justifies the fear that Latinos have regarding President Trump’s future actions.


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