120th Washington’s Birthday Celebration

By Ilse Amaro

The President George Washington and his gracious wife, Martha Dandridge Washington serve as the main figures in this magnificent event.

The Society of Martha Washington Colonial Pageant and ball grow smore popular every year.    This special tradition started in 1896. Washington’s birthday Celebration is a very well known tradition in South Texas.  The Society of Martha Washington colonial Pageant and ball are extremely recognized.

The Society of Martha Washington and the Washington Birthday Celebration Association are two different organizations that come together to celebrate this magnificent day that means a lot to this nation. The community of Laredo come together and organizes a lovely parade and other many activities such as museums, and carnival for the city of Laredo.

This Society hosts the Colonial Ball, which is an annual debutante ball for young women make their debut into society. The dresses the young ladies use are extravagant the most beautiful dresses you’ll ever seen and hair dos with their lovely escorts. The dress itself weighs about one hundreds pounds and the cost can be from $15,000 to $30,000.  The Martha’s and components for the next birthday celebration are already chosen.


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