Warp-PLS and the Gold Mine Every Company Does Not Know They Have

The rise of technological devices has forever changed the way we do things in our everyday lives. Just as it played a big impact on everything we do, technology also changed how we see many things. For instance, everything we do with our devices nowadays generates data. Even though we might not be aware of it, we all generate significant amounts of data, and in the right hands, this data can prove to be a gold mine waiting to be discovered. Much like this, businesses generate a vast amount of data that, without any interpretation, can go unnoticed. Data analysis will prove to be crucial in the foreseeable future as more companies start realizing that within them is the answer to all their problems.

Dr. Ned Kock, Chair of the Division of International Business and Technology Studies here at TAMIU, will be offering a workshop stressing the importance of understanding many types of data through his program WarpPLS.

Now in version 5.0, Dr. Kock’s software has undergone many different revisions since its first introduction back in 2009. By hosting this workshop, Dr. Kock hopes to promote his software mainly to graduate students involved with research, but the real-world applications for WarpPLS are astonishing. Struggling businesses, start-ups, and even well-defined businesses can benefit from the analysis WarpPLS can provide.



Given a set of info, the can pinpoint which variable from within a company or organization is affecting it the most and how. Companies can easily use this software in order to identify problems within the business and immediately take action. Companies are always looking to improve, and WarpPLS can be a great aid to show how any company is doing in terms of many different factors. The software’s wide range of analysis capabilities can extend as need be whether it is analyzing the effectiveness of the business as a whole, or even go as far as individually from anyone within the company.



Even though the emphasis of the program is on analyzing research data, its applications can go as far as reaching out to school districts, community programs, and businesses of any kind. Many companies tend to dismiss the data they have already gathered from their current and past customers, and programs like WarpPLS can help any organization or business discover the gold mine they have always been sitting on.



Dr. Kock’s workshop will be held April 13th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the University’s Cowart Hall in room 117. Both the workshop and software is free to all TAMIU students, faculty, and staff upon registration at cswht@tamiu.edu or over the phone at (956) 326-2820.


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