Holding Place for Fellow Geeks

This article originally appeared in the February 2016 print edition.

By Dalila Flores, ECHS Student Contributor.

Photos by Iris Vasquez Guerrero.

Comic Con serves as a gathering ground for fellow geeks. In this heavenly place, you can find vendors that supply your every nerdy need. In every corner you can find cosplayers of every genre. From fairytales to comics and everything in between, you will find sanctuary in this two day event.

One of the major events held in comic con is the cosplay contest. In this event you get to show off your costume making skills and ability to play your character. What everyone doesn’t see is that backstage you can find cosplayers jumping with anxiety. It takes a lot of courage to go up to the stage and present your work to an audience of over hundred, but it is worth it and if you win your prize for dedicating your time to your costume performance is cash. First place wins $500 and second place wins $200.

One fun activity that you absolutely must attend to is the panels. Panels are used to get to know artists and other type’s entertainers depending on who is scheduled to show up. I personally attended the Creepypasta panel. He is a Youtuber that tells old folk tales made by the Internet. His panel was beyond fun and you got to meet and greet him whenever you liked. Everyone at Comic Con is friendly.

The products you find at Comic Con will make any fellow fangirl/boy go mad with excitement. Keep in mind that you do have to save up some cash because the second you step into that the vendors’ cave, you will blow your money within the first fifteen minutes. Besides the vendors’ goods and Japanese sweets for you to spend your money on, they also have artist alley. You can buy paintings from them for a pretty decent deal (some are premade and others made on the spot).

In my opinion, the fun starts when you to buy merchandise, but if you’re running low on dough you can enjoy taking pictures with fellow cosplayers. This event helps you let out your inner nerd while making friends all at the same time. Take it from me, Comic Con is the best thing that ever happen for geeks like me and you.


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