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TAMIU instructors showcase talent outside classroom

Students were offered an opportunity to see their professors demonstrate talent outside of the classroom. The Fine and Performing Arts Center Recital Hall opened its doors Friday, Sept. 15, to showcase the semester’s first concert.

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Behind the scenes of LTGI’s “The House on Mango Street”

The Bridge recently had the opportunity to visit the set of “The House on Mango Street” at Laredo Community College. Directed by Jose Flores,  starring several TAMIU students and alumni, the play is based on the novel by renowned Chicana author Sandra Cisneros.


Shakespeare in the Courts

By Kassandra de Hoyos

Shakespeare & Company is a theater company based in Lenox, Massachusetts.  For the past seventeen years, the company has run a program called Shakespeare in the Courts.  

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Making Laredo Laugh Again

If laughter is the best medicine, then there is plenty of it to go around here in the Gateway City. Thanks to Laredo Funny, an up-and-coming comedy group, those seeking solace in the form of laughs are in luck, as this group has an endless supply to give.



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Celebrating the Dead

By Danny Zaragoza, Marcos Tijerina, and Giovanni Salinas

Colorful sugar skulls, papier-mâché skeletons in formal attire, and death themed crafts adorned the outside of the Laredo Center for the Arts as Laredoans celebrated the Dia de los Muertos this past November. But the Mexican holiday is more than bedazzled skulls and face painting.


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Laredo: Capital of The Republic of the Rio Grande

By Karla Reyna and Selena Borjas

Laredo is mostly known for having the biggest in-land export-import bridge, and port of entry, however there is a rich history behind this city of seven flags, each one representing a different facet of its heritage, and the least known of them is the one representing the Republic of Rio Grande.


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Native Laredo Artist Visits TAMIU

Award winning artist, poet, and playwright, Raquel Valle Senties, exhibited her Chicana Portrait Series on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).  People gathered around to admire her artwork and listened attentively as she read some of her many poems.

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Fig Syndrome

Sylvia Path was an American writer who was well renowned during the Post-Modern Era. Like many writers of the time, she lived a brief, yet interesting life. Throughout most of her adult life, Plath was clinically depressed, and she was very expressive about it in her writing. Her expression of such allowed her to advance the genre of confessional poetry—the kind that focuses on intense personal moments in one’s life. Plath committed suicide at age 30. Her death was a melancholic finale to her melancholic life.

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Babes Who Read

Christina Xu is an artist and blogger currently residing in Laredo. Her vehement and sensual paintings were featured earlier this year in The Bridge’s February issue. Her shared exhibit “Eye of the Beholder” at local Gallery 201 was a memorable experience shared by all in attendance. Xu, always at work producing canvas after canvas and keeping up with her online blog, is furthering her creative endeavors with her latest summer project: Babes Who Read.

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Laredo’s Gallerista Extraordinaire


Photo by Rafael Garcia of CC42 Photography

Gayle Aker Rodriguez is Laredo’s most vivacious gallerista. She is the owner of downtown’s Gallery 201, which hosts much of the city’s Mexican, Texan, and local artwork. The gallery exhibits an array of art –including but not limited to—paintings, flamenco dance, poetry readings, and launch parties. Gayle’s diverse love of the arts allows her to use her gallery to give local citizens and visitors of Laredo a chance to socialize and mingle in a new vibrant and cultural ambiance that isn’t felt elsewhere. Gallery 201 is a unique piece of Laredo for everyone to visit and love.

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