Day: June 17, 2016

Laredo’s Gallerista Extraordinaire


Photo by Rafael Garcia of CC42 Photography

Gayle Aker Rodriguez is Laredo’s most vivacious gallerista. She is the owner of downtown’s Gallery 201, which hosts much of the city’s Mexican, Texan, and local artwork. The gallery exhibits an array of art –including but not limited to—paintings, flamenco dance, poetry readings, and launch parties. Gayle’s diverse love of the arts allows her to use her gallery to give local citizens and visitors of Laredo a chance to socialize and mingle in a new vibrant and cultural ambiance that isn’t felt elsewhere. Gallery 201 is a unique piece of Laredo for everyone to visit and love.

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Tres países participan en seminario virtual

Por Mina Sifuentes

Un seminario interuniversitario e internacional de literatura que incluirá varias sesiones con participantes de París, la Ciudad de México y Laredo se entregaron ya por primera vez de manera virtual a través de un sistema de videoconferencia desde Texas A & M International  University  (TAMIU) el viernes 6 de mayo en Western Hemisphere Trade Center.
Este seminario, titulado, “Escritos Plural: Teoría y Praxis de una novela corta,” profundizo en el estudio de las novelas cortas de Hispanoamérica o nouvelles. Fue llevada a cabo en español e involucro ambos eruditos y estudiantes de París-Sorbona, la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), y Texas A & M International University.  Dr. Ray Keck dio la bienvenida a los participantes en esta  primera sesión que ocurrió el viernes 6 de mayo.

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DustySWARM Team Makes History in Florida

Texas A&M International University’s DustySWARM Robotics Team competed in NASA’s first Swarmathon competition, which was held at the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida.

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The Transgender Issue Is About Healthcare and Not Bathrooms

Even though the population of transgender individuals in America is an extremely small one, the media has caused a massive rise of attention towards the individuals. The current dilemma is one concern the use of their bathrooms in public space. Are transgender people allowed to use the bathroom that associates with the gender they identify as? President Obama thinks yes, but many conservatives think they should not. Like with all political debates, there are legitimate concerns on both sides. However, the solution to this dilemma is not as complex as most people think.

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Planetarium Offers Summer Showings

The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium is one of Texas A&M International University’s and the state of Texas’s most sophisticated digital projection systems. The planetarium’s impressive equipment employs 5.1 surround sound, 3-D computer graphics, and two 4 K projectors that transport audience viewers into the vast mysteries of space and time. Twenty-nine shows are currently being offered to TAMIU’s community and the public –four of which feature history’s greatest music of all time from the bands Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

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E3 2016: Gaming’s Unstoppable Future

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 was held in Los Angeles from June 13 to June 17. The annual event showcased some of the biggest video games and gaming technologies coming later this year and in the future. Though some new hardware was featured, this year was all about the games. Fortunately for gamers, 2016 is going to be the year where some highly anticipated games make it to stores.

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Organic Man Coffee Trike Relocates

The revitalization of downtown Laredo is in full effect. The Organic Man Coffee Trike—originally a regular tenant at the downtown Farmers Market before setting up a trendy bricks and motor business—has now relocated to a cozy site on the popular Iturbide Street next to On the Rocks Tavern, another local favorite. Owners have pulled out all the stops to extend a unique coffee service to Laredo locals and visitors.

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American Politics Could Become European

They are many that are concluding that the American political parties are beginning to realign. Actually, their realignment is coming to an end, and new era of American politics is coming to fruition. That being said, thirty-six years in the making the parties have been realigning into something different, but they are possibly going to resemble the party models seen in Europe.

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Laredoans Continue to Love Amidst Tragedy

June 14, 2016 was a day of magical history and mourning for Laredo.
Due to the tragic event that occurred in Orlando, Florida, one specific person decided to use their fame as a way to create one of the most memorable day in Laredo. She is known to the people of Laredo as LaGordiloca.
Hundreds of Laredoans gathered outside of Burlington waiting to show their support for the 50 individuals that were killed in Pulse nightclub in Orlando the day prior to this event.

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New Study Abroad Program Coming to TAMIU

As we continue to highlight, Study Abroad programs available at the university are a great way to have new experiences. It is a great way to make new friends, see new places, and learn many different things.
This upcoming semester, a new 3 week study abroad course will be offered for Wintermester. It will be open to all TAMIU students giving them the opportunity to get exposed to another culture.

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