New Study Abroad Program Coming to TAMIU

As we continue to highlight, Study Abroad programs available at the university are a great way to have new experiences. It is a great way to make new friends, see new places, and learn many different things.
This upcoming semester, a new 3 week study abroad course will be offered for Wintermester. It will be open to all TAMIU students giving them the opportunity to get exposed to another culture.

The program’s idea emerged from one of the language classes already being offered here at the University. Currently, the only Portuguese class being offered here is an introductory level class taught by Marco Bittencourt.
This new study abroad program aims to encourage students already taking Beginner’s Portuguese to apply everything they have learned while also exposing them to all of country’s landscape, resources, and culture.
The course will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with classes from 9am to 1 pm covering its culture, traditions, geography, and landscape along with many hands-on experiences. Students will also get time off to explore the country on their own.
The program will have students depart on Dec. 27th and returning January 14th. Many TAMIU faculty and staff have been constantly working to make this program a reality, and everything looks to be falling into place.
Furthermore, past and present Portuguese students have been also a part of making this program happen.
The student-run organization, Brasil Em Laredo, has always fueled students’ passion for the language. Having been founded in Fall 2015, the organization has had and continues to have the most dedicated students aboard who want more out of their Portuguese class.
Even though the new program looks to be on track for its Wintermester debut, the best way to get involved and help make it a reality is through the student-run organization.
Overall, both the organization and the upcoming program are great things to look forward to for this upcoming semester. TAMIU students will soon have another great option to choose from when thinking about studying abroad. After all, there is no better way to end and start the year than studying abroad in another country like Brazil.


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