Organic Man Coffee Trike Relocates

The revitalization of downtown Laredo is in full effect. The Organic Man Coffee Trike—originally a regular tenant at the downtown Farmers Market before setting up a trendy bricks and motor business—has now relocated to a cozy site on the popular Iturbide Street next to On the Rocks Tavern, another local favorite. Owners have pulled out all the stops to extend a unique coffee service to Laredo locals and visitors.

Organic Man Coffee Trike’s new location is spaciously inviting. The coffee shop extends deep with its brick wall interior and damask wallpaper in between. A shelf with board games, such as checkers, Candy Land, Uno, Loteria, and Chutes and Latters, is placed to the right of the entrance, and to the left there is a space for live musicians or even poets to come entertain the customers. Giant jenga and chess are other games available for older customers to play, although there are no rules that say a 34-year-old cannot take on a game of Chutes and Latters. Cinnamon and alabaster-colored leather and fabric-styled couch arrangements with coffee tables that include an array of magazines fill the main commodious area. There are also wood tables and high chairs with hassock padding for those who prefer a sturdier seat. Anyone who is pressed for time can have a seat on a bar stool. Indeed, the shop is generously accommodating and has its customers’ comfort in mind. Vintage coffee-related objets are around the shop for an added touch of sophistication. A projector is the most unique feature to the shop’s décor, however. There was nothing playing during the reopening, but its recommended film noir or silent Charlie Chaplin pictures are played in the background to add to the coffee shop’s eclectic ambiance.
The ordering booth holds glass containers that are filled with tempting French pastries and desserts to choose from. The drink menu is tasty, too. Hot and cold options are available for coffee and green tea, and the menu even offers frozen coffee beverages –similar to a Frappuccino—and delicious Affogatos, which is hot espresso served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Pricing for all items is fair –a dollar or two more than one would pay at a Starbucks chain. Nothing compares to the full, complex aromas and tastes of carefully-brewed coffee. Organic Man Coffee Trike’s organic coffee beans are worth one’s indulgence.
Organic Man Coffee Trike has new hours along with its new location. The coffee shop is closed on Mondays, open from 10 am to 10 pm Tuesday thru Friday, open from 11 am to 11 pm on Saturdays, and open from 11 am until 5 pm on Sundays. Be sure to follow and like Organic Man Coffee Trike’s Facebook page for regular updates on events and hours. Most imperatively, visit the new location on Iturbide Street in downtown Laredo for a pleasant coffee and pastry experience. Organic Man Coffee Trike is a nice spot to take a break from Saturday afternoon shopping, or perhaps a quick stop before checking out the Laredo Border Poetry Slam two blocks over at Gallery 201. There is always time for a cup of coffee, whatever the reason. As Special Agent Dale Cooper says, “I only have time for coffee.”


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