CAMPUS: SGA takes back Maroon Monday

CAMPUS: SGA takes back Maroon Monday

By Gabrielle Prather
Assistant Editor

Published Wednesday, March 16, 2022

TAMIU’s Student Government Association brought back Maroon Monday through its Traditions Committee.

A big part of campus community interaction focuses around events that undergo and create an atmosphere for students to collide and gain school spirit. Outside of Maroon Madness, Maroon Monday spreads TAMIU traditions of school spirit, where anything maroon shows that spirit.

Students grab cookies during Maroon Monday.
David Peralta| Bridge
Senior Elizabeth Morillo, center, takes a free cookie for singing up on @txamiu.sga.traditions on Instagram to celebrate Maroon Monday on Feb. 21 in the TAMIU breezeway.

SGA celebrated Maroon Monday by notifying students to wear maroon and support TAMIU. They also offered cookies to those who wore the color or liked their page on social media. SGA members took to the breezeway, where they informed students of the tradition’s return. Different students from different backgrounds aren’t always informed or fail to recognize these traditions, which leave a mark regarding what they learned while attending TAMIU.

Several students approached the SGA booth and showed involvement to the campus community; they offered a vision of how they see the event blossom into their idea of University involvement.

“[It was] motivating for having TAMIU to promote these events,” senior biology major Denille Gill said.

Sophomore biology major Stephanie Guerrero said she never experienced a Maroon Monday before and was excited to see this event.

“This [Spirit Week] … [has] been really fun and interactive,” Guerrero said. “Since it is my first time being on campus, and it was nice seeing a lot of people involved.”

Events like Maroon Monday impact students in different ways, and this one gets them involved. It can lead them to longtime memories of friendship and community awareness at TAMIU.


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