Campus Events Offer Opportunities for Growth

By Arely A. Zavala

Every year Texas A&M International University creates a schedule of events that occur throughout each semester, helping students create memories by participating in university activities.



The students and faculty that participate in these events always produce a great environment that gives students a unique and fulfilling experience.



These events help them build their leadership skills, their community or love themselves. TAMIU faculty always makes a way to get the attention of those students by providing lunch and snacks.



The events that the university creates are actually very fun, where people can socialize and be part of a learning process. These events help students to learn a little bit more about themselves and find the leader that is inside them.



Different departments create the events with only one mission, which is to share a great experience with any student of TAMIU.



Some upcoming events include The Big Event, which will take place on March 25 from 7:30 AM to noon. At this event students can serve their community and obtain community service hours; this is especially useful for students who want to graduate with honors.



Students that wish to participate and have a chance of meeting new people and helping themselves become a better person, can always attend the various events hosted by the school. These events help students be part of something greater by helping their community and campus.







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