TAMIU Expands Communication Course Offerings for Students

At the beginning of this new school year at TAMIU, there are several great things to look forward to.  From the myriad of new faces of potential friends all over campus, to reunions with college friends, the beginning of a semester is sure to bring something new for everyone.  This semester is especially exciting for returning Communications majors.  Starting this semester, TAMIU offers two new classes that are sure to prepare any student who desires to work in the ever-expanding world of multimedia.

In a society that is increasingly run on screens of all sizes, the ability to create digital media has become an essential skill for anyone who wants to step out into the real world.  The new Communications classes, Broadcasting Production and Adobe for Publication, offer engaging new technological opportunities to TAMIU students.

The increasing number of platforms for almost instantaneous video sharing call for Communications students to expand their understanding of the production process.  Broadcasting Production, listed under the course code COMM 4330 and taught by the newly-welcomed Assistant Professor of Communication, Ju Oak Kim, aims to show students what really goes on behind the scenes in production for mediums like television, movies, reality shows, etc.


Students in this course will also have first-hand experience in the producing spotlight as they create their own content.  Overall, students will be able to see their production visions become a reality through all the necessary stages: from planning and pre-production, all the way to the final screening of their projects.

Adobe for Publications, listed as COMM 3309, is another new course offered for Communications students.  The ability to master Adobe’s extensive range of tools and applications is crucial when it comes to landing a publication job in an ever-increasing pool of competitive applicants.  Adjunct Professor and Photo Journalist, Adriana Monsalve, encourages her students to pursue their passion, make mistakes, and ask questions to really grasp the concept when working with programs like Adobe’s InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom.  This class opens up a world of possibilities for students to apply their newly-learned skills in design projects like posters, album art covers, magazine layouts, personal business cards, and many other projects.

Overall, with the help of these new courses, TAMIU students who are exploring a career in Communications (and even those who are not) will now be more qualified than ever to tackle almost any task that their future job might demand.  In learning essential skills like desktop publishing and broadcasting through courses like these, students develop a more comprehensive skill-set to apply to their future careers.  While these courses are being offered for the first time this fall, hopefully there are many more to come in the near future.  After all, the ways in which we communicate our thoughts and ideas are changing every day with the help of technology, it is important to understand how engage these mediums efficiently and professionally.


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