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You would think it is easy to understand an idea that TV tries to convey to an audience. Sometimes the idea could be conveyed clearly, but it doesn’t go into great detail to help anybody. An example is Spanish telenovelas where couples divorce and marry other people. For some, that’s a reality.

Producers could plan what might be the next plot twist that may come from a divorce, but would parents be able to plan such consequences in reality? The answer is no because most people have no clue what might occur after the deciding to file for divorce.

Divorce is a subject that most people don’t usually cover, yet it is so common in our society. Some people might be sensitive to that idea, and others may be lucky enough not to live through it at all. It is fairly easy to give up, and divorce is about giving up. One question I’ve always had on my mind is why would my parents give up?

Some of us do not realize just how common divorce is. There’s a strong chance that you, as the reader, are from a divorced family. Almost every major celebrity has had a divorce in their lives. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a perfect example. Donald Trump is running for president as a conservative, and he has been divorced twice. For whatever reason divorce occurs, the person stuck in between should always find a positive outlook from it. The other day, it occurred to me that it was actually a great thing my parents got a divorce.

Reason number one would be because of the annual household income my parents would have had together. Thankfully, college has been a free ride for me. I can’t help to think that, if divorce had not happened between my parents, college would have been an extra expense. However, that’s just me trying to be positive about an idea that could potentially bring me down. Pain still resides in my heart and confusion still floods my mind with chronic ideas and one more question like, “Why?”

Reason number two would be that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for the experiences and lifestyle I had to live through. I find myself ready to tackle the last two semesters of my undergraduate degree. Sometimes, I have found myself trying to blame other people for what I don’t have or for my actions, but part of growing up means to take responsibility for yourself, and do what you need to do.
I do think about divorce in future. It could happen, and sadly, it likely will. It makes it difficult for people in twenties. We might find someone we could marry, or we might start down the path to our first divorce. Divorce isn’t so bad. When one’s older, and seeking a relationship, divorce is seen as experience. It’s like knowing where it fell apart, so you don’t do it again.

Divorce does not necessarily only affect traditional marriages. Regardless of whether a couple represents traditional marriage or a same-sex marriage, divorce is a real possibility for anyone. Gay Americans are Americans nonetheless, and Americans are prone to have failed marriages.

Psychologically, I am able to understand that I’ve been fine all these years. However, our hearts hold greater memories. Our hearts feel the pain even when we don’t think to feel. There have been many moments where I found myself mad at my parents, but as an adult, I know I need to respect their decision. It fills me with confusion to see them be able to communicate effectively and not be able to keep a marriage alive. What can I do though? The answer is nothing, and I’m okay with that because wasting energy is a waste of life. The only control we will ever have in this world is for ourselves, and how we decide to live our lives. Being positive has brought me this far, and it could take me much further.


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