Fighting for Gender

By Crystal Vasquez

The new organization, SAGE (Student Association for Gender Equality) is currently recruiting students that are passionate about civil rights. Dr. Ursula Klein is an advocate for feminism and was inspired by the interest of students Ezthela Rodriguez, Dalia Partida and Carolina Vasquez, to create the organization SAGE.

Rodriguez, the president of SAGE said, “It happened all in one day, we were really excited to make an organization that stands for our beliefs which are for men and women to have equal rights, but women still suffer from discrimination, violence is still present today, and it also affects men that need to fit in being “masculine” and if they don’t fit in they are considered inferior too.”

She continued, “It’s difficult to come to people and make them interested in joining SAGE, because the word feminism has a negative stigma and it is often perceived as an outdated and unnecessary movement.”

The past semester, on October 14, SAGE hosted the event “The F Word” and engaged college students in a discussion of what they believe about the feminism movement.

“It was great to see students involved and interested in feminism, it brings hope,” she said.

SAGE meets every Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Student Center room 223.


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